Florida Man Beaten, Arrested in Disney World After Making Fun of Guest With Down Syndrome

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A man has been arrested after a violent altercation inside the Walt Disney World Resort.

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There’s truly no place quite like Walt Disney World, with the resort priding itself on being “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” From its four stunning theme parks and water parks to its list of hotels, the Walt Disney World Resort truly has something for everyone. The Florida theme park resort is home to an incredible array of rides and attractions, some of which are considered to be some of the most beloved and cherished theme park experiences in the world.

Over the years, Disney, alongside Walt Disney Imagineering, has been able to develop and create some of the most memorable and iconic attractions ever, like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Jungle Cruise, as well as visually-striking set pieces and buildings, such as Magic Kingdom’s iconic Cinderella Castle.

Unfortunately, the Disney theme parks are only as good as the guests visiting them, with a very troubling incident at a Walt Disney World bar ending in an arrest.

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Man Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Family

According to a new report from Fox 35 Orlando, Brent George, a 61-year-old man, claimed he was having a “good time” with a group of people at a hotel bar in Walt Disney World until being attacked by the same group later that night.  George’s memory was a little fuzzy due to how much he had drank that night, but he was able to explain what happened in detail. The incident occurred at the Belle Vue Lounge, a popular bar found at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Resort. George claimed he had approached a group of people sitting at a table near the bar, a family, which included a female guest with Down Syndrome sitting in a wheelchair. George’s friend was a key eyewitness in the incident, explaining that they did not “observe what led up to the confrontation and did not hear anything said between Brent and the other party.

But the encounter quickly turned sour, with George’s friend stating that someone threw a cup at George. George quickly defended himself after someone threatened to kill him.

Disney's BoardWalk Inn at night
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According to the family sitting near the bar, George approached them and mocked the female in the wheelchair. The mother of the guest questioned George and asked why he was making fun of her daughter with Down Syndrome. It’s unclear what happened next, but the encounter quickly turned physical, with George attacking another woman.

That woman’s husband got involved in the fight as well, with George landing a punch on the man. The man punched Geroge back, causing him to bleed from his face. Authorities claim there was no evidence of a cup being thrown at Goerge. The incident ended when a bystander in the bar grabbed George and physically removed him from the scene.

This is, unfortunately, far from the first physical altercation to occur at the Walt Disney World Resort, with multiple guests being handed over to authorities in the last year. In late December, a pair of sisters were arrested after an argument allegedly turned violent. The two women were questioned in their hotel room at Walt Disney World before being taken into custody. Several fights have gone viral on social media, showing large groups of guests hitting, punching, and kicking others outside of iconic places such as the Walt Disney World Railroad and Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. Other incidents at the Disney parks include theft and damage to personal property.
Several guests were arrested in 2023 for stealing at the Walt Disney World Resort, racking up thousands of dollars worth of items during their crime spree. One man allegedly stole a phone and a bag containing hundreds of dollars in cash before being caught.
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Other notable incidents at the Walt Disney World Resort include guests taking their clothes off and deliberately flashing other guests or the camera. In 2023, several female guests shared photos online of them exposing their bare breasts while inside the Walt Disney World Resort. One guest was traveling aboard the Disney Skyliner, while another was indie EPCOT.

It’s important to note that the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as all the other Disney theme park locations around the world, have a long list of rules and regulations guests are expected to follow. While the fight involving George at the bar landed him in police custody, George most likely faced consequences from Disney itself. In the past, guests have been issued temporary or permanent bans from the Disney parks for breaking the rules. Earlier this year, a viral content creator announced that he had been banned from both Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort, indicating these theme park destinations take issues like this very seriously.

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