Dwayne Johnson is Done With “Woke Culture”

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Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" glaring toward the crowd at Wrestlemania 40

Credit: WWE

For a long time, Dwayne Johnson was the most successful movie star in the world. However, things may begin to get more difficult for the former WWE Champion.

Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore in 'Ballers'
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First gaining fame as a WWE Superstar, Dwayne Johnson is now one of the most popular movie stars of all time, grossing billions of dollars with movies like The Scorpion King (2002), Black Adam (2022), Jungle Cruise (2021) with Emily Blunt, Moana (2016) as Maui, Fast X (2023) as Luke Hobbs, and the Jumanji franchise alongside Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black.

That being said, some controversy may be on the way for the man formerly known as The Rock. Not only has he become arguably the biggest villain in the WWE, but The People’s Champ has said some things that will likely garner resentment from one side of his fan base.

Dwayne Johnson Wants People To “Be Able To Disagree”

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) executing the Rock Bottom on John Cena
Credit: WWE

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In an interview with FOX News, Dwayne Johnson opened up about how his view on politics has changed in recent years. Specifically, how he wants to keep it personal to himself and not try an influence others.

“At this level of influence, I will keep my politics to myself. It is between me and the ballot box. But I will tell you this: Like a lot of us out there, not trusting of all politicians, I do trust the American people and whoever they vote for that is my president and who I will support 100 percent.”

Skyscraper Dwayne Johnson
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While this is the kind of pandering you’d expect from a celebrity who wants to appeal to every demographic, the San Andreas (2015) actor went on to distance himself from the more liberal side of his fanbase.

“Today’s cancel culture, woke culture, division, etc — that really bugs me. In the spirit of that, you either succumb to that and be what other people want you to be, or you be yourself and be real … and that might make people upset and p*** people off, and that’s okay.”

Dwayne Johnson removing hat
Credit: Dwayne Johnson, Instagram

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This message of neutrality echoes the belief shared by Johnson in an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in November 2023, where he discussed wanting to get to a place where it’s ok for people to disagree. While there is some sentiment to wanting everyone to get along, the iconic professional wrestler forgets one simple truth: sometimes, people get “canceled” for a reason.

More often than not, people use terms like “cancel culture” and “wokeness” to argue about freedom of speech. What they tend to forget is that even though you can say what you want, you still have to face the results. While the Central Intelligence (2016) star speaks briefly about that, it doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to being a bad person.

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