Guest Issues Warning After Racist Attack at Disney World, No Consequences Given

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A Ferry boat taking guests from TTC to Magic Kingdom via a Disney transportation service.

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A Walt Disney World Resort guest recently spoke out online after a spat over line-cutting dissolved into a racist attack. The latest altercation only worsens the theory that violence and rule-breaking are on the rise at the Central Florida Disney parks.

Theme park violence has hit the mainstream news on numerous occasions in the last few years. The biggest story was a brawl over line-cutting in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park that caused multiple injuries and thousands of dollars in property damage. Both families involved were banned from Walt Disney World Resort.

Almost a year later, two families fought over a photo-op at the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park. The incident went viral with horrifying photos of the Main Street Train Station sidewalk stained with blood. The involved guests were given trespass notices and escorted off of Disney Resort property.

Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort after a rainstorm
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Some reports say theme park violence is a “nationwide problem,” with destinations like Knott’s Berry Farm enforcing curfews for teens after volatile incidents that forced the Southern California theme park to close early. But it’s important to remember that conflict existed before we all had smartphones in our pockets and a constant internet connection. Instead of going viral, those stories became distant family memories for only the nearby guests.

This week, another guest shared their worst Walt Disney World Resort encounter. Redditor u/robthedealer was waiting in line for the Transportation & Ticket Center Ferry at Magic Kingdom Park when a woman barreled through the queue with her stroller. The guest refused to let her cut in line.

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“A woman with an empty stroller was attempting to cut the line by literally banging her way to the front, until she got to me,” the Disney Park guest recalled. “After jamming her stroller into my Achilles multiple times instead of even asking me to let her by, she started to toss some racial slurs at me in Spanish.”

“I could have sworn there was a separate lane for strollers so I have no idea why she was in the lane I was in either but I think it might have been because that line was much longer,” they continued.

Disney World ferry
Credit: Inside the Magic

The guest didn’t have time to address the woman’s attack before another man started making racist remarks. “Before I could turn around, another guest in line told her to get to the back of the line while throwing in some colorful commentary about her ethnicity and supposed immigration status,” the guest said.

Although they didn’t endorse the racist remarks, the Walt Disney World Resort guest was happy someone stepped into the tense situation.

“I have never been so happy for Florida Man behavior in my life and will likely never again,” they concluded.

Report inappropriate behavior or harassment to the nearest Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, or Disney Resort hotel cast member.





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