Disneyland Faces Showbiz Rebellion: Actors and Performers Make Bold Move After Vote

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The Disney revolution has begun! Disneyland cast members have decided enough is enough and have moved forward with coming together to form a union.

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The Disney Revolution – Disneyland Cast Members Vote Unanimously to Unionize, Thousands Respond to New Development

In a significant development at Disneyland Resort, the “Magic United” movement within the entertainment division has achieved a breakthrough in establishing a union. Unlike other sectors within Disneyland, Cast Members involved in bringing Disney characters to life have traditionally operated outside of union representation since the resort’s inception in the 1950s.

A Disney princess or two might be ready to take a stance on better pay. So far, this story only includes the Disneyland Disney park and not the Disney theme parks in Florida, at least not yet. However, recent efforts spearheaded by the Actors’ Equity Association (Equity) have garnered substantial support, culminating in filing an election petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for union recognition.

At a press conference overlooking Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and the Grand Californian Hotel, representatives from Equity and Disney Cast Members in the Parades and Characters departments made the announcement.

Disneyland cast members unionizing in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle inside Disneyland Park.
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Equity President Kate Shindle emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, “These performers… know that their lives… can be improved through collective bargaining. They deserve a voice in their workplace and meaningful negotiations over wages, benefits, and working conditions.”

Dubbed “Magic United,” the movement formally announced its intent to unionize on February 13, swiftly gathering support from fellow Cast Members through signed union authorization cards. Following notification to The Walt Disney Company of overwhelming support for unionization among eligible Cast Members, the company was urged to grant voluntary recognition.

However, as of now, no response has been received from Disney, prompting plans to proceed with a union election facilitated by the NLRB, likely to be held onsite at the resort in the coming months.

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Addressing concerns ranging from safety to wages, spokespeople for Magic United expressed a deep commitment to both Disney and the unionization cause. Despite highlighting challenges such as inconsistent premiums and difficulties accessing health insurance, they reiterated their passion for their roles and desire to enhance workplace conditions.

Shindle affirmed, “Our goal is to make ‘the happiest place on Earth’ a little happier,” underscoring Equity’s positive relationship with Disney and the shared objective of fostering fairness and safety at Disneyland Resort.

The Disneyland Resort, a global entertainment landmark since its establishment in 1955, boasts a predominantly unionized workforce. Notably, the absence of union representation for Characters and Parades Cast Members stands out, especially given the longstanding unionization of counterparts in Florida.

Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Stitch posing joyfully in front of Cinderella Castle at Disneyland Park.
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The recent unionization of Disneyland’s Characters and parade cast Members signifies a meaningful step forward in their ongoing campaign to secure collective bargaining rights and improve working conditions. This development affords Cast Members a consolidated platform to negotiate fair wages, improved benefits, bolstered safety protocols, and heightened job stability.

Beyond its immediate implications, this move reflects a notable shift towards empowerment and solidarity among employees responsible for bringing Disney’s beloved characters to life, potentially reshaping the workplace dynamics at Disneyland Resort.

Moreover, the unionization underscores the unwavering dedication of Cast Members to both uphold Disney’s esteemed legacy and advocate for their welfare within the entertainment industry.

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