Disney Cast Members Fight in Character Costumes as Concerned Guests Watch

in Walt Disney World

Disney characters Lilo and Stitch playfully fight at 'Ohana.

Credit: @hiitslaure via TikTok

Two Disney characters fought in front of hundreds of Walt Disney World Resort guests in a video posted on social media this week. The clip amassed tens of thousands of likes and comments from Disney Parks fans.

Entertainment cast members known as character performers bring Disney characters to life. “Face” character performers embody your favorite Disney Princess or Peter Pan, while “fur” performers play Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, etc. Because they can’t speak, it’s harder for “fur” characters to ask for help. Performers work with character attendants to learn discreet but clear hand signals for help with a guest, costume issue, or medical emergency.

Mickey Mouse (pumpkin), Minnie Mouse (cat), Donald Duck (candy corn), and Goofy (haunted tree) in their Halloween outfits at Disneyland in 2022
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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In individual meet-and-greet settings, Disney characters only have their character attendants to play off of. They can joke around and tease their attendant, who can help “translate” what the character is saying for guests. However, the attendants also have to keep guests in line and keep track of set times.

At character dining locations, character performers can play off of each other. It’s not uncommon to see videos of characters popping up behind one another while they greet a table of guests, inciting laughter across the restaurant. Performers can interact with guests on a deeper level, responding to their colleagues’ behavior or returning to tables when time permits.

Stitch dancing with a family at 'Ohana dining at Polynesian Resort
Credit: Disney

In a video posted on TikTok by @hiitslaure, Lilo and Stitch perfectly embodied the magic of character dining as they playfully dueled in front of guests at ’Ohana. The characters, alongside Mickey Mouse and Pluto, join guests exclusively for breakfast at the beloved Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort restaurant.


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A frustrated Stitch bounced up and down as Lilo reached out just enough to frustrate him without actually making physical contact. When he calmed down, she stuck her finger in his ear.

Trying to put the past behind him, Stitch offered his hand for Lilo to hold. She grabbed his ear again.

“Will you two play nice?” a Disney cast member joked.

The two Disney characters pointed fingers at each other–without uttering a word, they exemplified the phrase any parent knows too well: “He/she started it!”

Mickey with a guest at Ohana
Credit: Timothy Moore

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“I know he started it, I saw,” the Disney cast member said to Lilo. “I know she started it,” she told Stitch.

In a final attempt at revenge, Stitch put his finger in Lilo’s ear. She playfully pushed him away before they both mimed laughter. All was fair and square!

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