Disney Boycott: New Park Show Deemed “Inappropriate Public Strip Performance”

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Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

Credit: Lee (myfrozenlife), Flickr

EPCOT has been making many changes lately, and a couple of days ago an all-new surprise offering dropped.

In December of 2023, EPCOT introduced the World Celebration Gardens, finally opening up a clear pathway from Spaceship Earth to the World Showcase. In this garden, which used to house the Fountain of Nations, guests can snap a photo with the new Walt Disney statue, there is plenty of seating to rest, eat, or work, as well as garden areas for guests to enjoy.

Walt Disney Statue in World Celebration at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

Right now, there are characters meeting in the gardens; however, those meet and greets will move to CommuniCore once it opens this spring.

To add to the entertainment in the area, a new acrobatic show has been added, and there was no announcement! This new show happens on a small revolving dome platform, and showcases performers doing acrobatics in floral outfits, perfect for the gardens, as well as the ongoing Flower and Garden Festival.

Below, you can see Disney news site Mickey Blog shared the new show, called Forces of Nature.

A new acrobats show Forces of Nature debuted in the World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT 🌐 

Overall, the perception of the show has been quite positive.

Disney YouTuber Offhand Disney said, “This is peak EPCOT I love it.”

Disney Fan Barry Birthday Month said, “Awesome. New entertainment at Disney World. Let’s keep this up. Bring back or create more new stuff.”

Micheal, another fan, brought up a good point: “This screams weird 90s EPCOT and I love it”

For those who may not have known, this area of EPCOT used to have similar performances of an acrobatic and circus nature!

Disney fan Triet Nguyen shared photos of this nostalgic blast from the past, “let us be reminded of these and splashtacular when we say what does and doesn’t belong in epcot”. These images reminded guests and fans that this new show is not as out of place as they may think, its actually just a continuation of the type of entertainment EPCOT initially provided to guests.

While these are just a few of the many positive compliments about the new show, there has been some push back from other guests and fans who think that the show is inappropriate, and is reminiscent of a strip show.

One Disney guests, Mirand’Dib said, “People sexualizing the new acrobatic show at Epcot are weird!!! Let’s celebrate, no matter how random this seems, the fact that we are getting more live entertainment in the parks. It may not be what you wanted but we need to show the parks that we are interested.”

Another guest, Disney Adult, also defended the show, “If your boyfriend/husband thinks this is anything reminiscent of “pole dancing”, at least you can be assured he’s not secretly going to strip clubs…”

The show is much closer to something that one would see at a Cirque du Soleil show rather than a strip club, as the performers are not moving in a sexual nature, nor are they removing any clothing. We actually see a similar style of acrobatics at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Festival of the Lion King, with the bird performers and monkey performers who fly through the air while performing these difficult stunts.

While there are some negative comments, the majority of guests are happy and excited to see Forces of Nature join the EPCOT family.

At EPCOT, CommuniCore Hall and Plaza is expected to open in early summer/late spring on June 10. 

The upcoming Encanto show will offer guests the opportunity to sing along while exploring the recently unveiled CommuniCore Plaza, CommuniCore Hall, and Mickey & Friends areas at EPCOT.

Magical performance under a festive canopy: a vibrant scene from Disney's 'Encanto' where characters come together to enjoy music and celebration in a warmly lit, colorful setting adorned with flowers and lights.
Credit: Disney

Dubbed ¡Celebración Encanto!, this new show will be presented multiple times each day, welcoming guests and their families to join in singing beloved songs from the film. Attendees can also expect to catch glimpses of Mirabel and Bruno as they perform on the newly established stage at CommuniCore Plaza.

Taking place on the stage of CommuniCore Plaza, this limited-time show coincides with the imminent removal of the last walls in the park’s center.

With this opening, we will finally have a new EPCOT free of construction, as Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana is also now open. 

What do you think of Forces of Nature? Is it appropriate for EPCOT? 

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