Bob Iger Furious After Disney Executives Leak Award-Winning Show, Threatens Lawsuit

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When the Walt Disney Company has an issue with a leak, it’s usually that Marvel stars like Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland accidentally let slip what is happening in the next Avengers movie. This time, it turns out that it was their own top executives who leaked a peek at one of the most anticipated shows on television, and Bob Iger is absolutely furious about it.

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Disney is one of the most powerful and widespread media companies in the world, but it often seems like the Mouse is unable to keep its house in order when it comes to preventing leaks. Infamously, Marvel Studios was a hotbed of leaked information on future movies and Disney+ series for years, to the point where stars like Florence Pugh have gotten ahead of it and now post social media videos with the tone of “I’m not supposed to show this.”

While you might expect various actors to sometimes slip up and expose some confidential information about what Spider-Man is going to get up to next with the amount of press junkets they have to do, it is a bit more unusual when the top executives of the Walt Disney Company do so.

Tom Holland as unmasked Peter Parker in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' (2021)
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That’s what happened at this week’s recent momentous shareholder call, when Disney CEO Bob Iger and the rest of the Mouse C-Suite announced a series of upcoming projects and strategies for the company (not all of which exactly helped the stock prices).

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For months, Bob Iger and the current Disney board of directors were in danger of being replaced by activist investors who claimed that the company’s dwindling box office returns and commitment to DEI practices meant that shareholders would lose money. Despite the best efforts of Trian Fund Management co-founder Nelson Peltz and Blackwells Capital, Iger and the board managed to hang on to power at Disney, but, in the process, seem to have leaked a clip for the upcoming season of the massively acclaimed FX series The Bear.

Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edibiri from 'The Bear' staring into the distance
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During the Disney shareholder call (which was also presented as a multimedia presentation), a clip of season 3 of The Bear, the breakout FX dramedy, was presented. Basically, it was intended as proof that the company is doing fine and that big things are coming, presumably to reassure shareholders that Disney subsidiaries like FX, ABC, Marvel, and Lucasfilm aren’t running on fumes.

However, the Internet being what it is meant that the clip of The Bear was immediately ripped from the presentation and began making the rounds on Twitter. It was then picked up by numerous entertainment outlets, who presented the clip of the series as a sneak peak of the show.

That’s not how Bob Iger felt about it. Reportedly, the CEO and the rest of the top brass at Disney (who, again, were the ones who presented the season 3 clip) are furious (via The Hollywood Reporter) and doing everything they can to scrub the Internet of the leak, including threatening lawsuits against anyone sharing it online. Disney is widely known as one of the most litigious corporations in history and extremely protective of its intellectual property, so anyone hosting the season 3 clip had probably better take care.

hulu the bear jeremy allen white
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Disney released a statement, saying (emphasis FX Productions), “Today during The Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, a clip from the upcoming third season of FX’s The Bear was shown as part of the presentation. The clip was subsequently captured and shared publicly without permission. This clip is not authorized for use beyond the shareholder meeting and we request that you and/or your outlet do not post or share it in any manner. If it has already been posted, we request that it be removed immediately.”

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It seems odd that a massive media company that has experienced numerous media leaks in the past saw nothing potentially tricky about releasing an exclusive look at the upcoming season of a hotly anticipated Emmy Award-winning show for all the Internet to see and not think that it would immediately circulate everywhere, but that’s Disney for you.

Disney+ interface featuring The Bear
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The Bear stars Jeremy Allen White stars as Carmy Berzatto, a burnt-out but brilliant young chef who returns to his home city to take over The Original Beef of Chicagoland, his family’s failing sandwich shop. The acclaimed comedy-drama series co-stars Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri, Lionel Boyce, Liza Colón-Zayas, Abby Elliott, Matty Matheson, and Olive Platt. It is also one of the most acclaimed new series on television, having won an astonishing 16 Primetime Emmy Awards in just two seasons.

No wonder Bob Iger is mad.

Have you watched The Bear season 3 clip and if so, will Disney be coming for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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