‘Star Wars’ Blue Milk Hits Grocery Stores in Bizarre Partnership

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Luke Drinks Blue Milk

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Anyone who’s ever been to Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios knows about the variety of special menu items inspired by Star Wars at places like Ronto Roasters and Oga’s Cantina. However, movie buffs will instantly recognize the blue milk sold in the marketplace straight out of A New Hope (1977).

A family walks through Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland
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While perhaps not the most exciting culinary delight available at the Black Spire Outpost, blue milk is definitely one of the most recognizable foods in the famous sci-fi franchise. In celebration of May the Fourth this year, Disney and Lucasfilm are making the treat more accessible to the public, and no Disney World tickets are required.

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In partnership with TruMoo, the iconic drink is hitting grocery stores this summer as the Skywalker Saga returns to theaters for the 25th anniversary of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. That said, those expecting the concoction sold at Disney might be in for a different flavor.

Take Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Home with TruMoo’s Blue Milk

Vader fights blue milk
Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

While not the most unusual Star Wars food product, it’s certainly not something most fans were probably expecting. A report from The Nerdist gives the full details of this bizarre fan service that will soon hit stores.

The report reads,

“Lucasfilm revealed the official Blue Milk as part of its “ Imperial March” of new product announcements. The new Star Wars brand of vanilla-flavored milk will be hitting the shelves on April 17. It comes from the Dairy Farmers of America TruMoo. So on this upcoming May the Fourth, you’ll be able to celebrate Star Wars Day in style and just the way Aunt Beru intended, with a cool glass of something blue. Just make sure you find yourself a Wookiee cookie to go with it. Even better would be a bowl of C-3PO’s Cereal, but sadly no one makes that anymore.”

While the image of a tall glass of blue milk at Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s farm might be one of the most recognizable features in the first Star Wars film, it’s not the same treat offered at the Disney parks.

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In the image featured shared by TruMoo’s Marketing, the label describes the product as vanilla flavored, which is not the case for the Disney parks variant. In fact, the version sold at Galaxy’s Edge isn’t even dairy at all.

Not Exactly Accurate

Credit: Disney

According to The Orlando Informer,

” They’re both plant-based non-dairy drinks (they’re actually a blend of coconut and rice milks) and are soft-frozen, like a smoothie. Additionally, the two different colors do denote two different flavors: Blue is infused with the flavors of dragon fruit, pineapple, lime, and watermelon, while Green contains mandarin orange, passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange blossom. (Guests can also purchase the drinks in a Bubo Wamba Family Farms novelty drink vessel that lights up.)”

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While the accuracy might be questionable, taste is what will truly help sales. Studios apart from Disney and Lucasfilm have created some truly strange products in the past, but hopefully this one will have tasty results that draws a crowd.

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