“Saddest” ‘Bluey’ Episode Completes Tragic Story Arc

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Bluey is notorious for having some seriously emotionally charged episodes, many of which will bring parents to tears as they see their own children reflected in the plot. However, one episode dubbed “the saddest” might have some fans scratching their heads.

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The Mary Sue listed “Dragon” on its list of “Saddest Bluey Episodes,” and many fans might wholeheartedly disagree. In a series that discusses issues like infant loss (“The Show”), the parting of friends (“Camping”), and even depression (“Stickbird”), an episode that is essentially Dungeons & Dragons by way of Bluey isn’t exactly a tearjerker.

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The article describes the episode with the following,

“In “Dragon,” Bluey wants to draw a dragon, but she’s frustrated that she can’t get it quite right. Bluey’s in awe of Chilli’s drawing ability, though, and thanks to a magic memory spell, Chilli is able to show Bluey that it’s partly thanks to her mom’s encouragement when Chilli was a child. At the end of the episode, Chilli gets a poignant moment of closure.”

There are several Bluey buffs out there who will be quick to count entries like those mentioned above, and many would share the opinion that “Dragon” is far from the saddest entry amongst the show’s 150+ episodes. So why is it getting such an emotional response?

Bluey Gets Fans Bawling

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The series is one of the few examples of animated kids shows that aren’t afraid to “go there.” While Joe Brumm and the rest of Ludo Studio’s creators manage to communicate these motifs and messages creatively and understandably, they don’t skimp on the reality of these situations.

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At face value, Bluey learning to draw from Chilli’s experience as well as Chilli processing her remaining grief over her mom’s passing is touching, but not exactly the saddest episode ever. However, when paired with a previous episode touching on similar topics, things make a little more sense.

It’s a Sequel?!

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The theme of parental loss was touched upon previously in the episode “Grandad,” as Chilli takes Bingo and Bluey to visit Grandpa Mort. However, as her elderly father takes Bluey and Bingo on a trek through the brush, Chilli’s anxieties about his health come bubbling to the surface.

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Knowing that information, it’s easy to understand how many viewers can have an intense emotional experience after watching “Dragon.” Chilli only has one surviving parent, increasing her sensitivity towards her family’s well-being. While it’s unknown how old she was at the time of her loss, it still presents a tough but relatable subject fans can identify.

Even with all that in mind, the argument can still be made that other episodes cover much heavier subjects. Taste is highly subjective, and everyone’s life experiences are different, but to call either one of these episodes the “saddest” in all of Bluey is highly debatable.

What Bluey episode do you think is the saddest? Inside the Magic would love to hear your thoughts!


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