“How Dare You!” Mother Left in Tears After Heartbreaking ‘Bluey’ Episode

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Bandit and Bingo in Stickbird

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To say Bluey is one of the most emotionally charged shows on Disney+ and Disney Junior would be a grand and glorious understatement, but some of its most iconic episodes are taking a toll on its older audience. Surprisingly, even its intended audience is noticing how much it’s reducing the parents in the room to a crying, blubbering mess.

Bandit reading a story to Bluey and Bingo
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Although the show’s demographic might consist primarily of kindergarten (kindy to you Bluey fans) kids and below, the adult and parent audience has proved to be the one reaping the most benefits. Many beloved episodes from Ludo Studios’ animated series have absolutely broken parents over its 151-episode run, but it’s now reached a point where kids are growing concerned for their parent’s emotional state.

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The controversial episode “Sleepytime” recently made headlines as it blew viewers away with its emotional storytelling, but the heartbreaking continues as other episodes directly go for the parents watching with their kids. Bluey has been described as “a show about parenting” that kids can watch too,” and other similar phrases, but a recent video from @annaleegrace15 shows how Bluey has caused even seasoned parents to absolutely crumble.

Bluey Breaks Parents AGAIN!


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Newsweek recently shared the story of the mother above, and she is definitely not the only adult viewer to experience the same emotional turmoil wrought by episodes like “Sleepytime” and “Baby Race.” As heart-wrenching as it is to think about a toddler concerned about their mom’s emotional reaction to a cartoon dog, that might have always been the show’s purpose.

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Per Newsweek, Bluey director Rich Jeffery told ABC it was the goal from the start to make it a “co-viewing show.” The report shared the following statement from Jeffery that continues to ring true with each new episode.

“Because it’s not just kids, it’s parenting,” he said. “And so to include story and jokes in there for the parents is part of the success of Bluey.”

No, It’s NOT Just For Kids

Bingo hatches from earth in Bluey
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As much as episodes like “Keepy Uppy,” “Explorers,” and “Stories” are primarily directed at a young audience, many would agree that the adult audience (with and without children) is quickly surpassing Bluey’s intended demographic. As pointed out in the TikTok’s comments and the Newsweek report, the show teaches both good parenting skills and (apparently) how to heal from negative ones.

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Of course, the subject matter doesn’t stop just there, as other episodes explore adulthood struggles outside of parenting. Such examples include”Stickbird” tackling the struggles of men’s mental health, “Relax” addressing how it can be hard to cut loose after growing used to a chaotic environment, and “Cafe” revealing how sometimes it can be hard for grownups to make new friends.

While the show is scheduled to go on extended hiatus after its 28-minute long finale, it could be safe to assume that season 4 will shift even further towards its adult fanbase. Even if the presumed audience ratio remains where it is now, that might be in the show’s best interest, no matter who is really watching Bluey.

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