Disney World’s State Prison Proposal Takes Unusual New Direction

in Walt Disney World

Ron DeSantis smiling juxtaposed against a contrasting scene of Disney World behind a foreboding wall topped with barbed wire, symbolizing an ironic or surreal blend of joy and restriction at Disney.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a victory lap over Disney, but in a way that seems to have shifted from one year ago. The fate of DeSantis’s state prison proposal within Walt Disney World Resort has been decided.

A juxtaposition of celebration and exasperation: fireworks burst in joy above a magical castle at Disney World, while Ron DeSantis appears to let out a vociferous cheer or yell.
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Ron DeSantis Takes Victory Lap Around Disney World – Fate of State Prison Proposal Decided?

It will mark one year this April since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis floated the idea that his newly proposed Central Florida Tourism Oversight District might consider utilizing land within Walt Disney World for purposes such as constructing a state prison or establishing a rival theme park. The Ron DeSantis Disney legal battle is ongoing, including the Walt Disney Company, DeSantis appointees, Disney supporters, the Florida legislature, the Supreme Court, and the Federal court.

These remarks were made when DeSantis was in the preliminary stages of a presidential campaign, and tensions between the Governor and Disney were notably strained. While DeSantis’s presidential aspirations have since concluded, legal disputes persist, prompting the state to recalibrate its relationship with Disney.

Although the settlement primarily involves negotiations between the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District and Disney, it is imperative to recognize that any notion of a divide between 1900 Hotel Plaza Blvd in Lake Buena Vista and 700 N Adams St in Tallahassee is mainly illusory. Consequently, the settlement represents a collaborative effort between the State of Florida Disney and the local taxing district.

Ron DeSantis laughing at a celebratory Mickey Mouse at Disney World
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A discernible shift in language and demeanor toward Disney was observed during the Governor’s recent address. In contrast to his previous adversarial stance, which included proposals of building a state prison within the confines of the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” DeSantis now entertains the idea of Disney potentially expanding its portfolio with the establishment of a fifth theme park, a notion he openly discussed following the settlement.

Referencing Universal’s Epic Universe theme park, DeSantis emphasized its significance for the region, speculating that Disney might pursue a similar endeavor in response to emerging competition. While Disney has not announced plans for a fifth theme park, DeSantis’s willingness to entertain the idea signifies a notable shift in his perspective toward Disney.

Furthermore, recent changes within the District, including the departure of former Board Chairman Martin Garcia and former Administrator Glen Gilzean and their replacement with individuals previously affiliated with Disney, signify a positive development. As part of the settlement, the District will collaborate with Disney on a new Comprehensive Plan for the property, underscoring a cooperative effort between the two entities.

The DeSantis Disney District with Minnie Mouse and Ron DeSantis.
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This change in tone from the Governor provides Disney with a more stable foundation to advance its initiatives, contrasting the uncertain terrain resulting from ongoing legal disputes.

Notably, Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro have expressed optimism regarding the potential for continued investment in Walt Disney World following the resolution of litigation.

In a statement issued earlier this week, Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle welcomed the settlement, expressing satisfaction with ending pending litigation and highlighting the prospects for continued investment and job creation in the state.

So, at the end of the day, no state prison is heading to the most magical place on earth. At least for now.

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