DeSantis’ New Law Active at Disney World, Strict Consequence in Effect

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Ron DeSantis with Mickey Mouse in a silver suit

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If you were planning on stealing on your next Walt Disney World vacation, think again, as Governor Ron DeSantis is looking to implement stricter punishments for those who are involved in theft.

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle
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When guests come to Walt Disney World, not only are they obligated to follow the law, but they are entering private property, so they must obey the rules set out by The Walt Disney Company as well. While there are certain non-hazardous objects that guests are not allowed to use while in the parks, like the Apple Vision Pro, Disney also has police on location, ready to step in if there are legal issues at hand.

Lately, we have seen an uptick in the police force having to be more involved at Disney World, with bloody brawls breaking out, rowdy guest behavior, and theft. In 2022, over a $100 million of revenue was lost in the state of Florida to retain theft, with Disney certainly being one of the locations that suffered from those thieves.

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While Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney have been in a public battle for years now, his latest proposal might actually help the House of Mouse.

Florida Voice News reported that, “Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his support for cracking down on retail thieves at a press conference Tuesday. Current legislation by Rep. Bob Rommel, R-Naples, hikes penalties for retail theft.”

The publication continued, with a more in-depth explanation of the proposal, “The bill would make it a third-degree felony for an individual who joins five or more people in retail theft, a second degree if the same group encourages others to join in through social media, and a first degree felony for any repeat offenders who have already been convicted of the same crime within a one year time period.

And the punishment for criminals who steal delivery packages from private properties will be a felony if the package is valued at or above $40. Currently, the law enforces punishments of a felony if the product is valued at $100 or above.”

Ron DeSantis with Mickey Mouse in a silver suit
Credit: NBC, edited by ITM

This new bill will deter many for stealing in the state of Florida, including Walt Disney World, as the consequences will be much worse than before.

While there are guests who certainly steal from the Walt Disney World stores and shops, another big issue of theft that is not addressed in the bill comes from stealing from other people. At Disney World, the most common thefts that are reported come in the form of guests stealing from guests. Just a few days ago, we shared that one guest reported that they were pickpocketed at EPCOT. Stealing strollers from others is another common form of theft in the parks. 

While this new law will not solve the issue of guest theft at Disney World, Disney does have the power to trespass any guest if they are caught stealing from others. It might not leave you in jail, but it will leave you forbidden from the most magical place on earth for the rest of your life, which is also devastating.

DeSantis shared video footage of the press conference, which explains the increased penalties for retail theft, which you can watch below.

Governor DeSantis Hosts a Press Conference Supporting Increased Penalties for Retail Theft

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Overall, it appears that Florida residents are indeed happy with this new theft crackdown, as many replies to the X are positive in nature.

Most recently, Governor Ron DeSantis emerged victorious in the federal lawsuit brought against Disney. In response, Disney has initiated a retaliatory action against DeSantis and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) with a state-level lawsuit mirroring the previous format. This move marks a significant escalation in the conflict between Disney and the governor, as well as the governing district, highlighting a contentious legal battle between the entertainment giant and the state’s leadership.

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As we shared, “In a filing submitted on February 1, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District referenced dismissing a federal case, contending that it undermines Disney’s allegations of retaliation based on the District’s leadership’s intent or motivation. Conversely, in a subsequent response filed by Disney, the company asserted distinctions between the federal and state-level rulings, emphasizing the ongoing appeal process for the federal ruling.”

Disney is reportedly going to challenge this verdict as DeSantis and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District continue to fight to strip power from Walt Disney World Resort. 

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