New Disney Capacity Limit Rule Leaves Hundreds Stranded From Hotel

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Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic (circle photo: DLP Rescue Rangers)

It appears that Disneyland Paris’ reopening of The Disneyland Hotel has been rather difficult, both for guests staying at the resort, and visitors looking to check it out. 

Disneyland Paris hotel at sunset
Credit: Disney

The Disneyland Hotel shut down in March 2020 with the resort of the Disneyland Paris hotels and theme parks due the pandemic. When the other locations reopened, The Disneyland Hotel kept its doors closed, with a massive refurbishment beginning on the inside walls of the resort and bedrooms. The regal location would then close for four years leaving both Disneyland Paris park and Walt Disney Studios park without a flagship resort.

Within the recently refurbished flagship hotel, visitors of every age will be welcomed by a dignified host, treated to breakfasts filled with beloved characters, and retreat to one of the 487 rooms and suites adorned with designs reminiscent of the lavish libraries found in renowned French chateaus.

As we have shared, “The hotel offers five distinct room designs, each dedicated to beloved Disney princesses from Cinderella to Rapunzel, along with two exclusive suites—the enchanting Princely Beauty and the Beast-themed suite, and the majestic Royal Frozen-inspired Ice Palace. These luxurious accommodations cater to guests seeking an indulgent experience, with the Royal Suite commanding an impressive price tag of £9,000 per night. Additionally, the hotel introduces two new dining options: La Table de Lumiere and Royal Banquet, further enhancing the magical atmosphere for visitors.”

Disneyland Paris hotel at sunset
Credit: Disney

The reopening of The Disneyland Hotel has caused quite a commotion in Disneyland Paris, however, with capacity limits having to be put in place. For guests not staying at the hotel, visitor passes have been created. Guests are now required to queue up outside of the hotel, and when one visitor exists, another is allowed to enter. These strict rules have been put in place for the time being, but it is not certain as to how long the capacity restrictions will last for.

Now, Disneyland Paris fans DLP Rescue Rangers (@DLPRescueRanger) have shown that it appears not only visitors are queued up, but guests as well. This is the line to enter the hotel at the end of the night. It appears that since guests have to scan in to show that they are a guest, walking right into your hotel at the end of the night is not possible.

5-star experience at the Disneyland Hotel: queuing to go back to sleep… Disney Premier Access coming soon?

DLP Rescue Rangers joked that guests would need a Premier Access pass, the Disneyland Paris version of a Lightning Lane, just to be able to re-enter their hotel whenever they would like.

Fans of the theme park were stunned to see these lines required for guests wanting to go to bed. One reply stated, “I hope this is a joke and the residents get in without a line. I’m going there in two months and if that’s it, they’re going to have a big scandal.” Another wrote, “At this price and in this cold?? DLP and their habit of taking guests for pigeons without any shame… 😵‍💫”.

Belle and her Prince meet guests at the Disneyland Hotel
Credit: Disney

It seems that many are shocked to see Disneyland Paris treating their most esteemed hotel guests in this way, after they have had to pay the large price tag as well as the increased hotel taxes, which are most costly at The Disneyland Hotel (at almost an extra $50 per night for four guests).

The hotel does have other doors that it seems to not be utilizing at the moment due to capacity limits and attempting to control who comes in and out, but if lines like this persist, they may need to staff more cast members to watch over all entrances.

What do you think of Disneyland Hotel guests having to line up to enter their hotel? 


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