Disney’s New Stern Capacity Rule Leaves Guests Rejected at Door

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Snow at Disneyland Paris

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Over the past few days, Disneyland Paris guests have been actively trying to find ways to enter what has become the elusive Disneyland Hotel, thanks to the capacity rulings and new reservation system.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in the end of Main Street, U.S.A, at Disneyland Paris
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When guests visit Disneyland Paris, they typically have to be well-versed, or at least have the Disneyland Paris app downloaded. Disneyland Paris has moved into a much more app-friendly park, with the majority of their ticket purchases being made through the app. Now, the Disneyland Paris app is what guests use for everything, even navigation, as paper maps are no longer given out to guests (unless specifically requested).

Typically, when it comes to securing a spot in line, guests would use the Disneyland Paris app for things like Premier Access One, the theme park’s paid service to join the Premier Access line and skip the main queue. For The Disneyland Hotel, things are both better and worse in comparison. The good news was that guests would be able to reserve a spot in line to enter and see The Disneyland Hotel on Lineberty, an entirely different app, for free. The bad news is that just to walk into a hotel, guests have to download a new app, learn a new reservation system, and wait outside in the current chilly Paris climate. 

Disneyland Hotel Paris
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As we reported, this new change began yesterday, on February 17th, 2024.

The change comes after the recent capacity rules left guests who were actually paying thousands to stay at the hotel stuck in giant lines at the end of their park day, as they had to prove they were hotel guests, with other visitors also waiting in the same lines as well. Guests who were not staying at the hotel were required to wait until a cast member gave them a visitor pass. These passes would only “free up” once another visiting guest left, and handed their pass back to the cast member.

What this has proved is that the demand to see the newly reopened Disneyland Hotel has been grand. The hotel has been closed for years as it has undergone a royal transformation and now looks like a palace fit for a queen. The hotel also has themed suites for Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and more. With Disneyland Hotel being the flagship resort and the first thing you see as you approach Disneyland Park, it is no surprise that attempting to enter and see the transformation has caused the chaos that it has.

Belle and her Prince meet guests at the Disneyland Hotel
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Now, we are seeing the effects of Lineberty, with multiple Disneyland Paris reporters and news accounts using the service.

DLP Report (@DLPReport) which is where we initially heard the news of the change to the new Lineberty system in the first place has used it, and it seems that they like the way that it is functioning.

We tried the new Lineberty system to enter the Disneyland Hotel as non-residents. If you manage to get a reservation it’s actually a smooth process. The hotel is less busy and more enjoyable than the previous card system so that’s that 🤷🏻‍♂️

While they seemed to use it without a hitch, responses to their post were not as cheerful.

One Disneyland Paris guest, catherineallitt (@CatherineAllitt), said “The version of the Lineberty app available in the Google Play Store isn’t compatible with my phone, the app for an older version of Android. Shouldn’t DLP have ensured it was usable by everyone before asking us to use it?” With so many guests traveling to Disneyland Paris, and not everyone having the newest cell phone, this may certainly cause an issue for some. It was not stated if a solution was being created for those who cannot use Lineberty at the moment.

Another fan of the park, Arvid – Travel to the Magic (@travelttmagic), thinks that if fewer people in the hotel is what was desired, less visitor passes could have been given out instead of adding another reservation step to the parks, “Could have just given our less cards instead of working with Lineberty…”

Overall, the biggest complaint on social media when it comes to this new change has been that Lineberty as a system is flawed and for many, does not work at all. 🏳️‍🌈 Aurore⁷🔍⍤⃝🔎 (@Minuialeth) noted that the hotel is likely less crowded due to this, “Probably because Lineberty doesn’t work 😂”.

Another example of Disneyland Paris guests detesting the app comes from fellow guest Edie (@edie_egg), “having to re-download the Lineberty app as a DLP fan in 2024 is the worst news that’s happened to me so far this year”.

Guests at Disneyland Paris had to use Lineberty during the pandemic which proved to be a very frustrating step in attempting to visit Disneyland Paris. The park still uses the system for some virtual lines when there are merchandise drops, but it has not been used to enter a location in a while.

If you are planning on visiting Disneyland Paris, be aware that the capacity limits are being hit within minutes of the Lineberty system opening each day. Delph (@ninjaspirit7) attempted to book a spot as a visitor in the hotel, but stated it filled up in just two minutes. With thousands of guests visiting the park each day, that now means that all of them will not have the option to see the hotel in any way.

Aaand it’s already full after 2 minutes…
#disneylandparis #disneylandhotel #lineberty

Overall, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park guests will have to ensure they know what they are doing when it comes to Lineberty on their next visit if they plan on visiting the new Disneyland Hotel. If not, it is unlikely that they will be granted entry due to capacity limits.

What do you think of this new capacity limit system at Disneyland Paris?

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