Emergency Report: Disney Castle Suffers Severe Cracks and Leaks, Safety Risk Confirmed

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Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris is looking like it may need some immediate repairs.

Snow at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

At any Disney park, one of the most iconic and magical moments for guests is when they see the reveal of the castle for the first time. In every “main” Disney park, guests will find themselves staring at a large castle that seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Some castles are themed to Cinderella while others have a Sleeping Beauty theme, and others just simply represent all princesses overall. Regardless of who “owns” the castle, each one is magnificent in its own way.

Being the most photographed icon in each of its respective parks, it is important for Disney to ensure that the castle is always in tip-top shape.

Disneyland’s rendition of Sleeping Beauty Castle is (arguably) one of the most stunning versions that any Disney fan could dream of, but there are some major issues that need to be addressed.

Disney reporter Belle (@FeBelleFi) shared photos within La Boutique du Château, which is the Christmas shop in the castle. In the past, we have shared that leaks were occurring in the store and throughout Sleeping Beauty Castle, but it appears that even after years of others sharing the water leaks online, nothing is being done to fix it.

It’s been so so long of the castle leaking with nothing being done and it’s really inexcusable.

Yes it’s a big and difficult job but this is destroying the interiors of the most beautiful Disney castle in the world.

As Belle notes, it is quite shocking to see that Disney has allowed this damage to take place inside of the castle, which could now pose to be a much more serious water damage issue due to the lack in ability for Disney to fix it when the problem first began.

Thanks to Belle, we can see what appears to be some very sad sights when it comes to see the state of the Castle. Disneyland Paris has covered some of their shelves within La Boutique du Château, as we can see in the video, water is not slowly dripping over it, but constantly falling. The red cloth barrier expands on the countertop areas of the store as well.

We can also see areas of the store blocked off as water collects in buckets. The roof of the store is noticeably falling apart, with visible cracks, water damage, and paint being removed.

One fan of Disney replied to the post, saying, “I feel like this is the type of emergency that should shut the castle down until it’s repaired. The longer it goes unrepaired the more the damage is gonna spread and the longer it’ll take to fix in the long run. And it’s a castle like how is this not a priority?!” We can see that many guests are stunned at the lack of action on Disney’s part when it comes to repairing the leaks.

Others chimed in with their thoughts, “Such a shame, and this shouldn’t be so hard to just plan and get done. And even harder to understand how all this happened even though the castle was just ‘completely’ renovated (welcome back to DLP?)”, and “That is gut-wrenching. I love it in there.”.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in the end of Main Street, U.S.A, at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

One reply even called out to Disneyland Paris, warning them that they should do something to fix the issue before an accident occurs, “But what a shame… how far will this disastrous management go? Should we wait for an accident? Such a big shame @DisneylandParis @DisneyParks”.

In a report, The Head of Building Services, Engineering Division, PPC Limited, Anand Kumar, “that leakages in damaged water or drainage pipes can lead to the seeping of water into the building’s foundational structure, deterioration of the foundation and eventual collapse of the building.”

According to him, the seamless integration of the plumbing system with both mechanical and electrical systems is critical to ensure that there is no overload that will jeopardize the efficient performance of building systems.

Kumar said, “The frequent reports of building collapse in the country are disheartening because the resultant destruction and deaths are avoidable. Where the structural design is effectively done, quality materials are used, and the installation of pipes is done by professionals, such hazards can be prevented.”

All of this proves that these cracks and water damage signs may pose as a bigger issue for guest safety.

Even ED92 (@ED92Magic) shared a pyrotechnics burn that is affecting the outside of the castle, which has been an ongoing issue at Disneyland Paris. 

I think a little TLC is needed 😬 🏰

At Disneyland Paris, The Disneyland Hotel has finally reopened, and now, A Million Splashes of Colour, the new parade is debuting during the day. At Walt Disney Studios Park, construction for Studio 1 is set to begin soon, with the Frozen land section and Tangled ride still under construction.

Do you think Disney needs to fix the Disneyland Paris castle? 

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