Disney Eliminates “Offensive and Derogatory” Character After 50+ Years, Replacement Confirmed

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On January 27, Walt Disney World Resort shut down the Country Bear Jamboree as we have always known it. With the removal of many of the songs, what many guests and fans are not realizing is that there is one character who has essentially been replaced due to his name being seen as “offensive and derogatory”.

Big Al Country bear Jamboree
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When we think of Disney World, we think of a family-first theme park that is filled with magic. Disney is very child-friendly, meaning that parents do not typically have to worry of their kids seeing anything inappropriate. Of course, sometimes guests can get out of hand (Disneyland “it’s a small world” streaker, we are looking at you), but when it comes to the rides, things are widely appropriate.

While some rides may be a little too intense for kids, only one ride has content that may leave parents laughing while also nervously hoping their kids will not notice what the lyrics are actually saying because no one wants to explain what “all the guys that turn me on turn me down” means to their four-year-old.

Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom
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While Country Bear Jamboree is set to reopen this summer (2024) with new Disney IP included in the form of music, such as The Jungle Book‘s “Bare Necessities” song. Disney also released the new poster for Grizzly Hall with the characters that guests will see in the new rendition of Country Bear Jamboree. 

Here, we can see Big AL, Henry, Trixie, Wendell, Teddi Barra, Ernest, Terrence “Shaker”, and one character that we have not heard of yet, Romeo McGrowl. While “Romeo” seems like a new name, the photo of the bear is clearly Liver Lips with a new blonde hairpiece.

Country Bear Jamboree new poster
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So, why did the other bears get to keep their names but not Liver Lips?

As stated by Quora, “The phrase “liver lips” is a somewhat dated and potentially offensive slang term that has its origins in American English. It is typically used to describe someone with unusually red or swollen lips, often due to excessive drinking or alcohol-related conditions. The term is considered impolite and derogatory.”

The site continued, “The use of “liver lips” likely comes from the association between heavy alcohol consumption and liver damage, which can manifest in various ways, including jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) and potentially, though less commonly, swollen or reddened lips. It’s worth noting that using such terms to describe someone’s appearance can be hurtful and insensitive, so it’s best to avoid using this expression in polite conversation.”

Country Bear Jamboree
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The term is deemed to be offensive and could be a racial slur, in some cases.

As we have seen Disney do in the recent past with attractions like Splash Mountain and The Jungle Cruise, the company has been looking to find ways to change their culturally insensitive attractions, it makes sense that they would want to change Liver Lips to Rome McGrowl moving forward.

Country Bear Jamboree is a classic Disney attraction inaugurated at Disney World in 1971. The show is known to showcase a musical revue hosted by the amiable bear, Henry. The charming lineup originally included memorable characters such as the deep-voiced Big Al, the distinctive yet now controversial Liver Lips McGrowl on piano, the mandolin-playing Wendell, and the tambourine-wielding Shaker.

Country Bear Jamboree Magic Kingdom exterior
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The bears would delight the audience with musical numbers like the lively “Bear Band Serenade,” the humorous “If You Can’t Bite, Don’t Growl,” and the heartfelt “Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine.” The show, set in Grizzly Hall, pays homage to frontier legends with tunes like “The Ballad of Davy Crockett.”

It was said that some songs will live on in the Frontierland attraction at Magic Kingdom once it reopens from its major changes; however, the specific songs have not yet been identified.

What do you think of Disney changing Liver Lips to Romeo McGrowl? 

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