Universal Deletes Footage Containing Potential ‘Zelda’ Land Rumor Confirmation

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Universal Epic Universe concept artwork with Zelda overlooking the theme park.

Credit: Edited by Inside The Magic

Universal Orlando Resort has released its first official teaser reel showcasing first-hand behind-the-scenes footage of what’s currently taking place inside Epic Universe, which will open next summer.

The video sparked rumors and speculation of what’s to come to the current Universal Studios Florid and Islands of Adventure parks after a specific clip was removed entirely from the video. Let’s dig in and speculate!

Concept artwork for Epic Universe, Universal Orlando Resort's newest theme park set to open in summer of 2025.
Credit: Universal

First Real Look at Epic Universe for First Time in Nearly 5 Years.

Universal Epic Universe is a forthcoming theme park that is currently being constructed in Orlando, Florida. Unveiled in August 2019, this park is slated to become the fourth addition to the Universal Orlando lineup, which also features the immersive water park known as Volcano Bay. Notably, the construction timeline faced a setback in 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, construction activities resumed in March 2021, marking progress in realizing this highly anticipated theme park.

Universal Destinations and Experiences announced that the park would open in the summer of 2025 to allow time for construction, permits, and ride tests. Now, after nearly five years, Universal has finally released more footage of the behind-the-scenes construction going on right now at the site of Epic Universe.

UOTMLife on Instagram has shared official footage from the Epic Universe construction site, giving us some of the only publicly available mentions of the new park since it was first announced in 2019!

Alicia Stella on X, formally Twitter

Theme park insider and journalist Alicia Stella provided the link for the video originally posted to the Universal Orlando Team Member Life Instagram account yesterday afternoon.

The first part of the video showcases all the team members throughout the Universal Resort, showing love and excitement for their jobs and the opening of Epic Universe by asking them what “epic” actually means, AKA the upcoming new theme park.

Concept artwork for Epic Universe, the new theme park coming soon to Universal Orlando Resort.
Credit: Universal’s Epic Universe

Ride Testing Begins at Some Lands Inside the Theme Park – What Does the Sneak Peek Preview Mean?

Well, the video means a few things. First, we are getting closer to the theme park opening, with many speculating that Epic Universe will likely open sometime between late April and early May, as the summer season at Universal usually starts around that time.

Second, it means that things are going right for Universal and that some rides are already being tested. For instance, videos are released in the form of drone footage of several rides already running along smoothly:


Spotted on TikTok, and thanks to @OrlandoParkStop discord users for finding it: Curse of the Wolfman Mack spinning coaster testing, starting from its swing launch maneuver.

Traveling Salesman on X, formally Twitter

Above, you can see testing being conducted for the new Curse of the Wolfman (Mack coaster) coming next year to the Dark Universe portion of the theme park, which will be dedicated to the original beloved Universal Classic Monsters.

Footage of one of the How To Train Your Dragon rides testing at Epic Universe by @P_T_S_342 

Attractions Magazine on X, formally Twitter

A How To Train Your Dragon ride is also tested above, part of the new How To Train Your Dragon land coming to Epic Universe.

But something else emerged from the video – a possible hint at what will soon come to the current Universal Orlando theme parks.

Aerial photo of Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort.
Credit: @Bioreconstruct on X, formally Twitter

Zelda Land Coming Soon to Islands of Adventure? Original Sneak Peek Video Gets Taken Down

Multiple theme park news outlets, including Inside The Magic, are reporting on how a few lands at Islands of Adventure will be getting a total overhaul, including:

  • The Lost Continent
  • Marvel Superhero Island
  • Toon Lagoon

According to multiple sources, the Head of Nintendo and Producer for Legend of Zelda was shown in a brief moment in the clip above for Epic Universe, giving fans hints that not only is the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD coming soon to Epic Universe but that the rumors of the Legend of Zelda land coming to Islands could be true. Again, these are merely rumors and speculations, but Universal has deleted that clip interestingly.


– @HMKilla on X, formally Twitter

The Legend of Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma has been spotted wearing construction gear in an Instagram video for Universal Studios Orlando Epic Universe along with Shigeru Miyamoto! Does this mean a Zelda World is coming?! (credit to @TokyoGameLife) – Ge

Zelda Land is rumored to replace the current Lost Continent between Toon Lagoon and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Islands of Adventure. With Universal taking down the original sneak peek Epic Universe video, does this confirm that Zelda is indeed on its way to Universal Orlando Resort? Possibly. Nothing has been confirmed yet, and Universal has released no news, but speculation is rising after that clip takedown.

Either way, this Universal park will bring about massive change to the scale of UOR. Orlando’s theme park will be bigger than Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan, etc. Universal did confirm the booking dates for its newest hotels, the Universal Stella Nova Resort and the Universal Terra Luna Resort, which will begin accepting guests early next year. The Universal Creative team is hard at work getting the lands, attractions, and experiences ready. Things like the Donkey Kong roller coaster, Universal Monsters land, Mario Kart, a new Harry Potter land, beloved stories from How To Train Your Dragon land, and so much more.

What are your thoughts on Zelda potentially arriving soon at Universal Orlando Resort? 

Sound off in the comments below, and let the speculation continue!

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