Tom Hardy May Replace Tom Hiddleston as Loki Soon

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Tom Hiddleston as Loki (L) and Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock (R)

Credit: Marvel Studios (L) / Sony Pictures (R)

A new Marvel series may be the precursor for Tom Hardy to take over as Loki, and maybe others, in Kevin Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) gathering branched timelines in 'Loki' 2.06
Credit: Marvel Studios

Launching in February 2024, Marvel Comics will debut a new event that involves the famous Symbiote Venom. Hailing from the Spider-Man universe of stories, debuting with a full appearance in 1988, Venom has since evolved into his own brand. In 2018, the character received his own headlining blockbuster movie, Venom, starring Tom Hardy, followed by a sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, in 2021.

Next month, Venom will once again take center stage in the comic book universe as part of the “What If?…Venom” event from writer Jeremy Holt and artist Jesús Hervás. Marvel announced the five-issue limited series last November, explaining that “What If?…Venom” follows the Venom Symbiote as it is passed from Eddie Brock to other heroes in the Marvel Universe. The heroes in question include Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Wolverine, She-Hulk, and the God of Mischief, Loki.

Tom Hardy as Venom, about to eat someone's head in the 'Venom' trailer
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On having the opportunity to write a Venom story, writer Jeremy Holt told

“Having the opportunity to play within the Venom sandbox is cool. Having the opportunity to bond five iconic heroes to the alien parasite is cooler. In doing so within the WHAT IF…? concept, I’ve had an absolute blast crafting a linear revisionist history that’s provided me the latitude to introduce distinct versions of the anti-hero that we’ve all come to love.”

“What If?…Venom” will hit shelves on February 2, 2024, and run for five issues.

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock standing in an apartment in Venom
Credit: Sony Pictures

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For now, Venom fans may only be getting new content in the form of comic books, but the introduction of a “what if” event may signal the character heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again sometime in the near future. Marvel Studios recently wrapped up the second season of their own What If…? series on Disney+, and with a third on the way, could Venom be heading back into the Multiverse one more time?

After all, Hardy’s Eddie Brock did show up in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), too, and when he vanished back to his own timeline left a sneaky piece of the Venom Symbiote behind, crawling on the bar. Is Marvel likely to follow up on this and tackle Venom in the MCU? Maybe not. But it does pose an interesting concept, especially when looking through the lens of this new “What If?…Venom” comic event.

Venom and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) watching the Daily Bugle news report on Spider-Man's (Tom Holland) real identity
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If the studio takes the alternate Venom stories further, it may mean that, sometime in the future, Tom Hardy will, at some point, replace Tom Hiddleston as the fan-favorite Loki. Or, both Toms could play the character together. Both are beloved actors in their own right, so a blend of the pair could only bring positives to the franchise, surely.

As for the actors, Tom Hardy has confirmed that Venom 3 (TBD) is in production. Kelly Marcel will direct. And Tom Hiddleston recently starred in the highly-anticipated second season of Loki on Disney+. Loki Season 2 proved to be a big win for the struggling Marvel Studios and ended by changing everything we know about the Multiverse.

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