Spaceship Earth Path Closes Permanently at Disney World’s EPCOT

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A longtime area of the EPCOT theme park at Walt Disney World has finally closed.

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There’s no denying that in the last few years, EPCOT has undergone the most significant changes of any theme park at Walt Disney World, and these changes don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. As part of the ongoing construction work at EPCOT, the longstanding pathway by The Seas pavilion is now closed permanently. This walkway closes as Disney makes more progress on the construction at the park.

This path allowed access between Spaceship Earth and The Seas, originally opening back in 2019. If you’ve spent any time in EPCOT within the last four years, then you know that navigating it has been quite a challenge, with construction walls surrounding large sections of the park and pathways leading to dead ends. This walkway by The Seas was there to allow easier access to other sections of the park, but with Disney closing it, we can only assume work is starting to wrap up all around the park. The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a pavilion dedicated to aquatic life, offering guests the chance to explore a stunning aquarium as well as enjoy a dark ride based on Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo (2003). The aquarium, specifically, is one of the coolest parts of the Walt Disney World Resort. With 5.7 million US gallons in volume, The Seas is the second-largest aquarium in the country and the sixth-largest in the entire world.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw World Celebration officially open at EPCOT, with several more grand reveals on the horizon. These changes come as part of EPCOT’s overhaul, a massive project that began several years ago. Alongside new rides and attractions, EPCOT would also be getting several new themed areas and locations for guests to explore. The plan was for EPCOT to be split up into four distinct destinations: World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature, and World Showcase.

Several projects were seemingly lost in the shuffle, with Disney axing plans to renovate Spaceship Earth and the Wonders of Life Pavilion. A planned Mary Poppins ride was also revealed for EPCOT but was later canceled. Regardless of these canceled projects, the future of EPCOT as a theme park looks incredibly bright, and we can’t wait to see what else is on the Horizon(s).

Have you been to EPCOT recently? What’s your favorite theme park at Walt Disney World?

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