New Disney Park Addition Is a Hit, Leaves Guests “Weeping”

in Disneyland Paris

Minnie Mouse on Sleeping Beauty Castle and Casey Jr. in the sky during the Electrical Sky Parade

Credit: Disney

The Disney Electrical Sky Parade debuted at Disneyland Paris earlier this week – and it’s already being hailed as one of the best additions to any Disney theme park in years.

Just like its namesake, the Disney Electrical Sky Parade is all about bright lights in the nighttime. There’s just one key difference: instead of using parade floats, the show takes place entirely in the sky thanks to the wonder that is drone technology.

Disney Electrical Sky Parade over Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Disney

With the Main Street Electrical Parade out of commission for the past couple of years, fans were overjoyed when Disney announced that it was coming back in November – even if it is in a totally different form. It seems like they were right to be excited, as the show has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from parkgoers.

🎆 An incredible innovation of the Disney Electrical Sky Parade: drones carrying fireworks!

“Forget the live action movies,” said X (formerly known as Twitter) user @TinyMallet. “THIS is the modern twist on a beloved Disney classic done right.”

“Disney adult post incoming but I think if I ever saw this I’d f***ing weep,” wrote @Vhinfy.

Considering how beloved the Main Street Electrical Parade is, it says a lot that some fans proclaimed it to be superior to the original. “This is the only form of Electrical Parade I will accept for now on,” said @Adorian1989.

Pete's Dragon in front of Cinderella Castle
Credit: Martin Lewison via Flickr

There were also those who lamented the fact that Disneyland Paris (which has become renowned for its impressive entertainment offerings in recent years, particularly those involving drones) continues to receive more advanced, impressive, and magical nighttime offerings than its U.S. counterparts. To be specific, fans had a lot to say about how the Disney Electrical Sky Parade outshines the current nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Resort – Mickey’s Mix Magic – which consists only of projections on weekdays.

There were also suggestions about how Disney’s U.S. parks could adapt Disney Electrical Sky Parade for themselves. “[Magic Kingdom] needs this as a Preshow to [Happily Ever After] but make it Spectromagic,” said @2005WhiteSox05.

Absolutely sobbing.

Over the course of its 10-minute duration, the Disney Electrical Sky Parade’s homages to Main Street Electrical Parade include interpolations of the original music and recreations of some of its most iconic floats in the sky, such as the Blue Fairy, Casey Jr., snail, Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, Pete’s Dragon, and Captain Hook’s ship from Peter Pan (1953) – which incorporates drones bearing pyrotechnics. It also includes newer characters that precede the parade, such as those from Encanto (2021) and Coco (2017).

Launched as a part of Disneyland Paris’ Disney Symphony of Colors celebration, the Disney Electrical Sky Parade is set to run as a nightly pre-show (weather permitting) for Disney Dreams! until September 30, 2024. The show will take a temporary break on January 17, 22, and 24.

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