Disney Reportedly Rebranding Iconic TV Channel, Potential Logo Revealed

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Mickey Mouse in 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'

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Rumor has it that Disney may be looking to rebrand one of its most popular TV channels, Disney Junior.

Disney Junior – first launched in 2011 as the replacement for Playhouse Disney – is The Walt Disney Company’s children’s network, primarily aimed at audiences between the age of two to seven years old.

Me & Mickey title screen with Disney Junior logo
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The network’s nationwide logo is currently a combination of the traditional Disney font (modeled on Walt Disney’s own writing) and the word “Junior” incorporating the design of Mickey Mouse.

However, it seems like Disney plans to give the channel a makeover. Disney Enterprises Inc. has reportedly trademarked a new acronym logo for its Disney Junior division – this time simply referring to the channel as “DJr.”

It seems that Disney Junior might have a rebrand as Disney Enterprises Inc have trademarked a new Acronym Image for the division.

Simpler and far less colorful than its predecessor, the new name and logo haven’t gone down particularly well with fans.

“Why do companies love making their logos look worse?” X (formerly known as Twitter) user @JaceAVinson wrote. “Also why are they renaming it to THAT?”

Chilli on the hunt in Bluey
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Another user, @PNGtuber22, wrote: “Honestly, this logo works pretty well! It’s as creatively bankrupt as the rest of the slop that Disney subjects us to on their channels!”

Other common responses included dubbing it “dull,” “simple,” and far too similar to the logo of its closest competitor, Nick Jr.

Since the launch of Disney+ – which features the majority of children’s programming found on Disney Junior – several countries have closed the network, alongside Disney Channel and Disney XD. Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and the United Kingdom and Ireland all axed their respective networks in 2020, instead encouraging families to sign up to the streaming service to continue watching popular shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bluey.

What are your thoughts on Disney Junior potentially rebranding to Disney Jr.? Let us know in the comments!

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