Disney Guests Warned to Cancel Their Vacation on Select Dates

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If you are looking to spend a little less when you visit Walt Disney World, there are a few times during 2024 that we would suggest you stay away from the parks, due to the rising cost of those dates. Luckily, we have compiled all of that information for you, so that you can be warned before you visit, and plan accordingly.

Crowds on Main Street U.S.A. at Disney World with Cinderella Castle in the background
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Visiting Walt Disney World Resort is not a cheap experience, but there are certain times of the year when the costly vacation prices are even more than what you may see advertised, which can run you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more. During holidays or times of the year in which kids are out of school, Disney knows that there will be a spike in guest demand, so they can raise the prices of their tickets, hotel, and Disney Genie+, as none of those costs are fixed.

As we have discussed in the past, there are many American families that will go into debt just to visit Disney, so knowing when you can cut corners is essential. 

Buying your Disney parks tickets as well as a hotel for your stay is likely something you are already used to if you have planned for a Disney vacation in the past. One aspect that is newer and has been introduced since the pandemic is Disney Genie+. Previous Disney CEO Bob Chapek implemented Disney Genie+, which is basically the FastPass system that guests use for free, at a charge. While the price used to be a static $15 per guest per day, now the cost fluctuates per day, and has even run guests a whopping $35 per guest per day!

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Disney Genie+ allows guests to reserve a time slot for an attraction in which they can use the Lightning Lane, skipping a lot of the line. If this was an unlimited feature, it may be more worth the cost. However, guests can only book one ride at a time, and as the day goes on, more and more attractions sell out, or time slots are pushed back severely. Even Disney only guarantees that Disney Genie+ will help you skip the line on only two or three attractions.

Because these prices rise on more popular days to visit, we have outlined a few days that we would recommend steering clear of if you want to purchase Disney Genie+.

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Dates to Avoid at Walt Disney World Resort:

  • February 16th-February 24th: With Spring Break launching for some schools and President’s Day offering a long weekend, this is typically a busier time to visit. Additionally, the e Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is during this period, which is always a busier more demanding time at the parks. We can also see that ticket costs are up during this week, which likely hints at a rise in Disney Genie+.
  • March 29th-31st: Holidays are always a good time to keep out of Disney World! With Easter falling on the 31st and Good Friday shutting down school a few days earlier, we can see ticket prices are on the rise, specifically during these dates.
  • April: In April, Spring Break is still occurring; however, the 20th and 21st specifically have higher ticket prices, which may hint at a rise for Disney Genie+.
  • May 27th: Memorial Day tends to be a busy time at the parks, and Disney takes advantage of the demand. With the long weekend extending through to Monday, prices will pick up around the 24th.
  • July 4th: While all of the summer is busy at Disney World with schools being out, the Fourth of July often sells out at Magic Kingdom, thanks to the epic firework shows, so you can expect the heat, crowds, and higher prices.
  • November 24th-30th: Thanksgiving is notorious for high crowds at Disney World (Including Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom). In 2023, we saw increased prices on tickets as well as Genie+ costs, so that will likely be a repeat pattern.
  • December 22nd-31st: These are, overall the most costly days to spend at Disney. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve both taking place, kids off school, and many adults off of work, the most magical place on earth becomes the most crowded place on earth. Last year, we saw Disney Genie+ costs rise to $35 during these days, and ticket prices were well over the $165 mark per person. Add a park hopper option to that and you will be spending well over $1000 for a family of four to just enter the parks.
A couple of Guests using Disney Genie+ in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
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Of course, there are certainly other times during the year that we may see spikes in prices, our recommendation is to avoid holidays, long weekends, the summer, and runDisney race weekends if you want the lowest prices possible.

What time of year do you tend to avoid when visiting Walt Disney World? 

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