Changes Made to Iconic E.T. Adventure Ride at Universal Studios Florida

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Aerial view of Universal Studios at dusk featuring multiple roller coasters, various attractions, and brightly lit surroundings with nearby buildings and greenery.

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Some new updates have been added to an iconic E.T. Adventure opening-day Universal Studios Florida attraction.

Guests ride bicycle-like vehicles through a trippy field of space flowers aboard the ET Adventure attraction at Universal Studios Florida.
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Universal Studios Florida – E.T. Adventure Gets Upgrades

The final opening-day attraction inside Universal Studios Florida has recently gotten some much-needed upgrades, giving this beloved and iconic ride a new facelift. E.T. Adventure is a dark ride at Universal Studios Orlando. It’s located in the former KidZone area and is based on the 1982 film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg.

E.T. Adventure opened to the public in 1990 and is the only opening-day attraction at the park still operating today.
Some say it’s the best ride in the park for animatronics, physical sets, and real theming. Others say it’s one of the best rides at Universal Studios Orlando.

The ride is a suspended gondola-style ride that simulates the iconic bike ride from the movie, including “flying” past the moon. It’s designed for the whole family and is similar to Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom. The ride has gotten some much-needed upgrades as the new DreamWorks land prepares to open next year.

E.T. holdings a clear globe and looks at a green plant inside the ET Adventure ride at Universal Studios Florida.
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E.T. Adventure Gets Some Upgrades

Alicia Stella, theme park journalist and insider, posted fantastic videos and photos of some awesome upgrades given to the E.T. Adventure attraction at Universal Studios Florida.

A better look at the new color changing lighting effect for ET Adventure.

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The iconic attraction appears to have received some lighting and color-changing upgrades to a portion of the ride where guests are taken through the Green Planet. The scene shows E.T.’s friends and fellow aliens dancing, playing music, and celebrating that their home world has been saved. Folks were excited about these new added lighting and effects features.

“This is the best Christmas gift I could’ve ever asked for,” said one person who commented on Alicia’s social post. Another guest mentioned how they hope the first half of the attraction also gets the same love and attention that this portion of the ride received.

Guests walking into Universal Studios Florida
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As mentioned above, the new additions to the attraction are likely due to Universal Studios Florida gearing up to open the new DreamWorks land in the park’s former KidZone area. The attraction also received a fresh facelift throughout the outdoor exit portion of the ride back in the summer.

Universal Orlando Resort’s DreamWorks land is scheduled to open in 2024. It will replace the former Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone and feature themes such as Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Trolls, and Gabby’s Dollhouse. The land will be interactive and captivating for visitors of all ages.

What are your thoughts on the Universal Studios E.T. Adventure attraction getting these upgrades?

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