Nearly Naked Baby Dolls Found Floating at Disney World, Disturbing Jump Scare

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Floating baby doll at Disney

Credit: Inside the Magic

Floating baby dolls were found in the Magic Kingdom fountains at Walt Disney World days before Christmas, with Cinderella Castle looming in the background, providing quite an interesting photo op.

The Mickey and Walt statue in front of Cinderella's Castle inside Disney's Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

At the moment, Walt Disney World has been flooded with guests for the holiday season. While Disney is always a busy haven, there is no time like the holidays to go shoulder-to-shoulder with a complete and total stranger! With many offices, workplaces, and all schools giving kids (and adults) time off from Christmas through to New Year’s, many take advantage and book a trip to the most magical place on earth.

As we have been discussing, at Walt Disney World Resort, offerings like Disney Genie+ have hit an all-time high for guests, costing them well over $30 per person to skip the line and use Lightning Lane, and even Disney’s competitor, Universal Orlando Resort, has seen wait times to meet their iconic Grinch character soar to a whopping eight hours with the (wholiday) holiday crowds. 

While guest show off their interesting behavior every day at Disney World, as we recently saw with one guest jumping into the World Showcase lagoon in EPCOT to win a bet, guests who have been taking a photos in front of the fountains at Magic Kingdom may have an added “guest” in their pictures.

On a recent visit to a busy Magic Kingdom, we noticed that there were floating, nearly naked baby dolls in the fountain. Below, you can see the popular photo location, with the fountain in view.

Floating baby doll at Disney
Credit: Inside the Magic

But if we zoom in a little more, we can see the baby in what looks to be its underclothes floating in the water. Both fountains had these babies lying in them.

Floating baby doll at Disney
Credit: Inside the Magic

At first, the sight of these baby dolls certainly gave us a jump-scare moment, as we had to give the sight a double take to ensure that this was just a doll floating by. It seems likely that a child threw their dolls into the water when their parents were not looking; however, it is not entirely certain how these dolls entered the water.

If an actual guest were to do this, they would be trespassed from the park, as we have seen with other guests who have sat in the Disney World fountains in the past, but these baby dolls will likely be relocated to the trash!

Throughout our day at Magic Kingdom, it did not appear that any cast members noticed the baby dolls in the water, as they hilariously remained there, floating, hours later!

Recently, we shared a much more serious situation at Disney World regarding abandoned babies, but this one was not a doll. Someone left their infant in a stroller parking area and security had to monitor the baby until the parents got back upon noticing that they were left their alone. The parents were gone until sunset. Read more, and see the video here. 

Would you be spooked by this sighting of floating dolls at Disney World? 

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