Social Media Slams “Ungrateful” Child’s Reaction to Disney World Surprise

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Is there a wrong way to react to a magical gift? One child’s surprise Walt Disney World Resort vacation went so viral that commentary on her reaction received almost as much attention as the original video.

Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, two water parks, and dozens of Disney Resort hotels make up The Most Magical Place on Earth, located in Central Florida. Though millions of children dream of meeting Mickey Mosue on a Walt Disney World Resort trip, it can be exhausting and overstimulating for little ones–especially if they weren’t prepared for it.

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In the viral TikTok, parents explain to their child that she’s skipping school to go to Walt Disney World Resort. Initially, She wasn’t excited and told her parents she wanted to go to school. Commenters felt the child wasn’t happy enough; some called her “ungrateful” and spoiled.

It appears the young girl’s parents deleted the video of her reacting to the surprise Disney trip. But other creators’ viral responses sparked discussion long after the original clip disappeared.

But even as hundreds of social media users attacked the little girl, thousands spoke up in her defense. This video from @mommacusses garnered more than 250 thousand likes and comments:


It this an issue with the kid or with your expectation? #mommacusses #momlife #chaosteen #disneyworld #responsiveparenting

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“Not all kids like surprises,” the TikTok parenting content creator said. “Ask me how I know. Oh, because my kid doesn’t like surprises.”

She explained that after surprising her daughter with a Walt Disney World Resort trip, the little girl was more concerned about packing enough underwear and other personal items than she was excited to travel. It took her a few minutes to adjust to the shift in routine.

“About five minutes after that, she was just as excited as anyone would expect a five-year-old, princess-obsessed little girl to react to the news that she was going to meet princesses at Disney World,” the creator recalled. “It doesn’t mean that we can’t surprise her. It just means that we surprise her differently.”

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Thousands of commenters agreed.

“Some kids just don’t feel comfortable when their expected world is suddenly changed,” @annieslif wrote. “The change doesn’t have to be trauma based.”

“Can’t tell you how many times I had massive anxiety over a surprise and then was called ungrateful…,” @jessfalch agreed.

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“Not to mention, kids have no idea the planning and cost of going to Disney, they may have been excited to see their friends and be celebrated in class,” said @faultytatertot.

But most felt it’s still possible to surprise kids with a Disney experience.

“We struggled a bit with this with our middle child, she didn’t like her plans to change, even though it was something positive,” @annizej explain. “Her dad and me learned that she needed to be told ahead of time to be a part of the planning.”

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