Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Loki’ Might Retcon Jonathan Major’s Role

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Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in 'Loki' 2.01

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After a surprising turn of events, Marvel has found a new way to make their life easier, with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki potentially changing the story for his series in a bold new way.

Tom Hiddleston looking scared and sad in the 'Loki' series
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Loki Season 2 hasn’t stopped focusing on the threat of Kang the Conqueror. After He Who Remains separated the sacred timeline from the Multiverse and brainwashed a whole group to keep order on branching timelines, Loki realized just how powerful the villain truly was. At the end of Season 1, He Who Remains doesn’t care if he dies. He just wants to pass the torch to Loki and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), which doesn’t go how fans expect it to. Sylvie stops at nothing to kill the villain but separates Loki, leaving the second season to deal with the aftermath of “saving the Multiverse” from Kang.

Early on, fans learn just how important Kang was to the TVA and how it can’t really function without him. Things go awry, and after a couple of intense episodes finding out what Renslayer was up to, fans learn of a new Kang variant, Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors), but things never go as expected. At the end of Episode 4, “Heart of the TVA,” Loki fails, and the Time Loom explodes, destroying the TVA. He spends the next episode, Episode 5, “Science/Fiction,” trying to fix his wrongs, and if you haven’t seen the fifth episode, this is where the spoilers start to come in, and it would be best to return after seeing what Loki does next.

Jonathan Majors as Victory Timely clutching his briefcase in 'Loki' 2.03
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Loki ends the episode by learning how to finally time slip and says one line to sum it all up when the branches on the timeline begin to fade away. “I can rewrite the story,” he claims, and time slips back to right before the Time Loom explodes. While fans are excited by this new power from Loki, it presents many problems if done wrong. One thing Loki can easily do is just avoid this problem entirely and stop Sylvie from killing He Who Remains.

Fixing the Time Loom might not be able to happen, but Loki can now go back throughout Season 2 at several points and change the narrative if needed to save the TVA, or Loki can face it before things start to get out of control. The real problem is having He Who Remains die in the first place. Loki wants to have the TVA prepared to deal with the threat coming, and learning as much as he can from the person who stopped his other variants would be crucial. This would be rewriting an entire season’s story just to right a wrong done in the first season by Sylvie, who didn’t care about the consequences.

Loki, OB, Mobius, and Hunter B-15 in 'Loki'
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If Loki ends up changing the entire story just to learn more or save He Who Remains, that would be a huge moment that would be pivotal to the MCU’s future. If Marvel really wanted to, it could also lead to He Who Remains having a pivotal role in stopping the Council of Kangs, who are slowly coming down to face Loki and the TVA and whoever wants to stop them from conquering Earth.

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