J.K. Rowling Equates Trans Women to Rapists

in Harry Potter

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J.K. Rowling just further enraged former Harry Potter fans disappointed with her conservative views on the transgender and non-binary community. In a recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the author, sometimes known as Robert Galbraith, appeared to compare transgender women to rapists.

This latest post comes months after Rowling conflated transgender people and Harry Potter’s “Death Eaters,” a force of evil often likened to Nazi soldiers. In an interview on The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling podcast, Rowling alleged that she knew she was alienating fans when she decided to support the gender-critical movement openly.

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“Some of you have not understood the books,” she said. “The Death Eaters claimed, ‘We have been made to live in secret, and now is our time, and any who stand in our way must be destroyed. If you disagree with us, you must die.’ They demonized and dehumanized those who were not like them.”

“I am fighting what I see as a powerful, insidious, misogynistic movement that has gained huge purchase in very influential areas of society,” she continued. “I do not see this particular movement as either benign or powerless, so I’m afraid I stand with the women who are fighting to be heard against threats of loss of livelihood and threats to their safety.”

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Even after losing millions in revenue and a devoted fanbase, the Harry Potter author is committed to transphobia. Days ago, Rowling admitted she would be willing to go to prison over her views on gender ideology.

On Friday, Rowling tweeted a news story that claimed a sexual assault victim could be forced to use she/her pronouns for “male rapist.”

“Asking a woman to refer to her male rapist or violent assaulter as ‘she’ in court is a form of state-sanctioned abuse,” she wrote. “Female victims of male violence are further traumatised by being forced to speak a lie.”

Though the tweet garnered hundreds of thousands of views, it was Rowling’s response to a comment that further tarnished her reputation. When a nonbinary follower pointed out that transgender women are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators, Rowling misgendered them and called them a “rapists’ rights activist.”

“Good for you, Zachary,” she replied. “Some rapists’ rights activists prefer to do their misogyny from behind an anime cartoon, but you’re proudly doing it under your own name. Just don’t go looking for any facts that might contradict your fallacious argument. Rapists need brave guys like you.”

Former Wizarding World fans were disgusted.

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“You are revolting, Jo,” said @wizardingnews, once a Harry Potter fansite. “We’re ashamed of ever having supported your ascent; at least it’s ending in a very public disintegration and dismantling of your Harry Potter legacy. Your bigotry is beyond the pale. There aren’t words enough to express the disgust you now engender.”

“All you do is attack transgender people, an already oppressed selection of people and you think your right?” @WelshUkiyo asked. “Honestly, you want empathy from people but you refuse to show empathy to someone whose unique, different and beautiful.”

“Joanne, they never advocated for rapists, they advocated for trans women,” @CaelanConrad replied. “Your conflation of the two is why we all know you’re a sick person with a twisted heart, living in a skewed reality. Your anti-trans ideology is rotting your brain from the inside out.”

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