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JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, smiles

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  1. Rob

    It’s a serious mental disorder. Sadly children is on their radar more than adults.

  2. Michael

    Why do you suppress the comments? If you ask what the reader thinks of the story, you must know that some readers my have a dissenting opinion of your view. I am sick and tired of this site deleting my comments because I don’t agree with their liberal political view. It is very facist of you. But I bet you won’t post this.

  3. Dcto

    She was criticizing that convicted trans. sex offenders are being incarcerated in women’s prisons, along with the population they have committed their crimes against.

  4. David

    100% support for Rowling. Everyone is onboard with the idea sex and gender are distinct.

    Considering trans women as fully equivalent to real biological women is akin to a male conquest of female spaces and achievements. Any self respecting woman truly ought to be a TERF.

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