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Religion and politics are two of the most controversial subjects any network or studio can tackle, but there was a time when Disney was able to do it in a respectable and comprehensible way. Introducing young viewers to the concept of God wasn’t always such a taboo thing.

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Disney has been facing a tidal wave of controversy in recent years. From the war with Ron DeSantis over the “Don’t Say Gay” bill to the continuous discord at the studio with upcoming projects like Wish (2023)  and the Snow White remake, it feels like the Walt Disney Company just can’t catch a break with anyone.

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The studio truly has the cards stacked against them, as audiences and viewers have become more and more volatile about what Disney produces. The fear of being canceled has backed Disney into a creative corner, and it has essentially gotten to the point that filmmakers and studio heads are too afraid to take risks and create interesting content that could polarize consumers. That was not always the case.

God Meets the Mouse: Disney and Christianity

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To say that Disney’s values have changed wouldn’t be untrue, but the shift from what many consider conservative viewpoints is inherently noticeable, no matter where you sit on the political spectrum. However, anything that pulls religion into the conversation is immediately met with a divisive response from the audience.

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What many viewers and critics fail to realize is that not only has Disney dealt with the subject of God, Jesus Christ, religion, and the Christian faith before, but the studio has done it in a very tasteful and understandable way. One user on TikTok recently shared a poignant reminder that sometimes it’s possible to introduce these subjects without sounding preachy.


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Like it’s predecessor, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World was a Disney sitcom that didn’t shy away from heavier subjects. In the episode “Girl Meets God,” the show took an unexpected dive into the subject of God, belief, and faith that was surprisingly refreshing.

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Immediately, many will say “you can’t do something like that on TV anymore,” but if Disney could handle this in such a tasteful way before, what’s stopping the studio from doing it again? This episode wasn’t pushing an agenda so much as it was acknowledging the natural desire to believe in a higher power felt across religions and cultures.

Disney doesn’t need to go on an all-out crusade or partner with some uber religious organization to get the point across, but seeing this side of the house of mouse was certainly eye opening. Not since The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) has the studio utilized the presence of God in such a way, and even things like The Lion King and Star Wars have a spiritual connection. The way things are now, a little divine intervention certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Do you think Disney should incorporate religious themes, or just stay in its lane? Let Inside the Magic Know in the comments below!

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