Warner Bros. Unwilling To Give James Gunn Full Control of DC, Report Says

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The other day, a massive report was given by Variety, which detailed the mess that the DCEU has caused. While most fans understand this mess by just looking at recent box office failures, it appears there is still more drama behind the scenes. Though James Gunn has openly stated that his DCU is separate from Warner Bros., a new report has indicated that Gunn does not have complete control at all.

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It makes perfect sense for Warner Bros. not to trust anyone right now, considering their proposed last three blockbuster hits were complete failures. Aquaman 2 has not even been released, and the growing concern is that the film is also dead in the water (pun intended). There have been scathing reports about people walking out of test screens and Jason Momoa arriving drunk on set to torment Amber Heard.

Whatever the case, the DCEU is still rearing its ugly head, causing massive issues for James Gunn. Gunn took over the DC Films division with Peter Safran, though their new regime is being hit with plenty of scrutiny. Gunn watched Shazam 2, The Flash, and Blue Beetle fail to make money for the studio. There was also the string of arrests and issues with Ezra Miller, which appeared to fall on the head of Gunn.

Though the return of some DCEU actors was hopeful, that has since been shot down. Gunn wants a fresh start; we do not blame him for wanting that. He revealed that anything released before Creature Commandos and Superman: Legacy would be considered non-canon, including revealing that no stars from the prior universe would return.

Despite his previous comments to CBR that Warner Bros. cannot interfere with the DCU, things might not be so cut and dry.

New Report Indicates James Gunn is Working With Warner Bros. Executives

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The big DC report from Variety made it known that DC is a giant mess right now, but that has been evident for many years. What the report did shed some light on, though, is that Gunn does not have full control of the DCU, as he had stated previously. Though he controls the DC Films division, his control might not be expanded into the TV realm. According to the report:

“Meanwhile, there has been some confusion on the series front about who is the ultimate gatekeeper. Unlike the Marvel-Disney relationship in which Marvel controls the creative process and Disney+ merely releases the content, Max is creatively involved with the DC slate. Gunn and Safran don’t enjoy the same autonomy as Marvel’s Kevin Feige. (A Max source says the collaboration between the DC team and Max executives Sarah Aubrey and Casey Bloys has been seamless, including on the upcoming series “The Penguin,” which was forced to shut down production after the WGA strike began but is expected resume shooting as soon as the SAG-AFTRA strike ends.)”

As stated, Gunn has spoken to many outlets and publications about his DC takeover. Initially, it was believed that he and Safran were creating an entire universe that would span films, TV shows, and video games. While that is certainly something that DC sorely needs, it might not be as black and white as Gunn has painted it to be.

James Gunn and Peter Safran did meet with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav before they revealed their big DCU slate. Though we imagine Zaslav gave them his blessing, we also know that the controversial CEO is not without his own issues. He was hired to “fix” the company and started to do so by cutting a wealth of programs. The first and most criticized was Batgirl.

Though the film had nothing to do with James Gunn and his takeover, fans had pleading to see it come out. It would have been the return of Michael Keaton as Batman and the return of Brendan Fraser to the big screen. Sadly, the canceled DC film might never see the light of day.

This showed that Zaslav is not above cutting anything, despite the excitement surrounding it. Though Gunn didn’t take over and have any creative control over the last few “blockbusters,” we imagine that Zaslav could be using it as an example of why Gunn will not have complete control…yet.

Should Gunn’s Creature Commandos and Superman: Legacy impress, James Gunn will likely be trusted far more. The good news is that the report indicates Gunn has met with Max executives Sarah Aubrey and Casey Bloys, which has been described as “seamless.” Their meeting was to go over the finer details of The Penguin series, which is the anticipated spinoff and tie-in for The Batman.

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The show will likely start back production once the SAG strike concludes, but it appears that Gunn is only part of those responsible for ensuring the show is a success.

What do you think of James Gunn not having full control of DC? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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