Universal Issues Immediate Warning to Guests Following Disney Disaster

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Universal has been making fun of Disney for years, as the two rival theme park moguls are separated by just a few miles, and today, Universal has sent out a hilarious yet incredibly serious warning following a shocking incident that took place at Walt Disney World as of late.

Universal Orlando Resort entrance
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In 1990, Universal Orlando Resort opened Universal Studios Florida, just a few decades after Disney began building Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, although the theme park was not yet a force to be reckoned with, over time, it would grow to be a worthy competitor to the mouse.

When visiting Universal Orlando Resort, Guests can enjoy attractions such as Rip Ride Rockit, MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, Transformers: The Ride, and more. Visit Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you can venture into Gringotts!  Islands of Adventure has some fantastic attractions like the new Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and more! Volcano Bay is also open for those who want to get their splash on.

There truly is so much to do — their hotels even offer amazing experiences like retro bowling at Cabana Bay or a rooftop lounge at Aventura.

Dockside Inn room
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Soon, in 2025, Universal will also be opening Disney’s biggest nightmare yet — the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Epic Universe will be the third theme park gate at Universal and will bring to life lands for Universal Monsters, How to Train Your Dragon, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Ministry of Magic) and more. The theme park will have all-new hotels alongside it, as well as shopping centers and dining locations with the highest and most incredible theming and technology to date.

Considering Disney’s park attendance has been dropping, and costs are only rising, having a new and shiny “epic” theme park down the street is surely set to be a massive issue for the company — and Universal knows it.

Aerial photo of Universal Orlando Resort taken by Bioreconstruct on Twitter
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Universal has always played a fun game with Disney over social media, as the Twitter (X) account always inserts their snide and cunning remarks when Disney makes a shocking choice, or if something goes wrong within their theme parks. This comical rivalry keeps it light for guests, and allows those reading to have a chuckle every now and then.

Their social accounts are also not the only spot where you can see Universal poking fun at Disney — their rides do it too! 

The now-retired Shrek 4-D shared a funny punch. When a Disney film begins, watching Tinker Bell fly around the castle is both iconic and classic. Disney fans have come to expect this within an intro, and it is unmistakably Disney. Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios has an intro that showcases a fairy in a green dress, except she undergoes a rough start to her day. We watch this Tink-inspired character escape a frog attempting to eat her, only to have her smack directly into the theater wall.

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Although the attraction does not exist anymore, Twister had quite the opinion on Mickey ears. When watching the pre-show for the attraction, there is a car tire spinning. Usually, guests would head inside the attraction showroom directly after the pre-show and miss that the car wheel would stop spinning. Under the car wheel was a smashed pair of Mickey ears.

A picture of a raft completing the drop on Jurassic Park Diver Adventure.
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Jurassic Park River Adventure had some Disney Guests who rode the attraction and never made it out. During the ride, guests can see floating Mickey ears in the water — clearly, a casualty who did not catch their dino! The floating ears indicate that the owner of said ears is likely dead and a clear Disney fan, which sends quite the message.

Most recently, a very shocking incident took place at Walt Disney World Resort in EPCOT. We have seen guest behavior worsen as of late, especially with the rise of social media. Guests are breaking rules only to film them and gain traction online, even if it means a lifetime ban from Disney World. We have seen this with content creators breaking the dress code, starting fights, disobeying security, antagonizing guests, and more.

This week, a man jumped off the Italy pavilion bridge into the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT for a $6,000.00 bet. Although many were yelling at the man telling him not to do it, as the consequences will mean his vacation will come to an abrupt end as soon as Disney security is notified, the man did it anyway, creating viral videos all over social media. You can watch the video, and learn more what happened here. 

Well, it did not take long for Universal to chime in!

Universal Orlando Resort (@UniversalORL) posted a photo of their pool at their Portofino hotel and said, “Please only swim in approved pools. Thx, mgmt 😉”.

Although this is indeed a cheeky message poking fun at the guest behavior at Disney, it is also a serious warning to Universal guests. Universal’s CityWalk has a large body of water that encompasses the area, and there are water attractions in the parks; for example, Toon Lagoon is home to two top-tier water rides, Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls and Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges.

Jumping into those no-swim zones can be incredibly dangerous for guests as they may injure themselves since the water is not intended for humans to be in.

A wide shot of the Hulk Coaster and Suess Landing inside of Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Universal’s social accounts will surely continue to add comedic relief to theme park indicates as the occur in Orlando, their Halloween Horror Nights account even replied to their main account saying, “Delete this” after the theme park shared Christmas decorations being put up in Islands of Adventure’s Seuss Landing!

That being said, there are still rules in place at Universal Orlando Resort, and going against them will have you trespassed and banned just as fast as Walt Disney World.

What do you think of Universal’s response to the EPCOT jumping man?

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