Tom Hardy Praises New ‘Venom’ Star for ‘Spider-Man’ Sequel

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Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom

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Tom Hardy shares his thoughts about a new Venom actor stealing the spotlight in the latest Spider-Man project.

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Venom is just one of those villains that Marvel fans can’t get enough of. When the symbiote isn’t on Peter Parker, Venom becomes a menacing villain who is mostly attached to Eddie Brock, but not all the time. Thankfully, Marvel doesn’t tell the same story every time. With symbiotes like Carnage and Knull, the Spider-Man franchise has a lot of terrifying villains lurking in the cosmos that tend to mess with Spider-Man out of everyone.

Tom Hardy might be involved in Venom 3, a movie that reportedly might include Spider-Man to finally fight Venom after going through two movies of chaotic adventures. Still, it’s unclear where Sony wants to take the Symbiote story. Since it isn’t involved in the MCU, it would seem that Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire would return for the project, but fans won’t know until much later.

Venom grabbing Peter Parker in the middle of New York City after flinging Miles Morales off of him
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The main reason why Tom Hardy is praising a new Venom star is because of Insomniac’s “Spider-Man 2,” which had a story with Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting Kraven the Hunter and eventually led to Venom appearing in the story. Millions are already hailing this story as a phenomenal Spider-Man story, with Hardy sharing a picture of the actor, Tony Todds, on his Instagram and saying one word with a fire emoji. Legend.

Todds spoke to the Boston Globe about his experience and how he needed to prep for the role, admitting it was better for him to go back to the roots of Venom and explore how the villain was created in Marvel comics rather than watch Hardy’s interpretation of the character:

“The first thing I did was go to my favorite comic book store called the Golden Apple out here in LA. I said, ‘I need the best 10 books on Venom.’ They went above and beyond. I had all kinds of visual references. I didn’t want to see the movies because this is a different medium, even though I’ve worked with Tom Hardy in the past. He and I did a movie called ‘Minotaur’ together. I wanted to go back to the roots — the comic, the artist, the people who diligently put the pen to the paper to create these wonderful visions.”

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It’s clear that Todd made the right call because Venom’s story told in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 drew attention from the star who is well-known for being Venom. Hardy obviously has starred in other big roles, such as Christoper Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises as Bane and in Peaky Blinders, etc., because he is a talented actor that fans enjoy. Todds is an actor who might be as well-known as Hardy but put the hard work in to give his role justice, which is exactly why Hardy calls him a legend.

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