‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Director Reveals Prequel Plans

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most beloved movies in cinema history, and it’s celebrating its 30th anniversary. With live performances of the movie with Danny Elfman and a return to theaters, there are plenty of celebrations to take in this beloved Disney picture. Even more exciting is the film’s director revealed his plans for a prequel.

Jack and Sally in 'The Nightmare before Christmas'
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The Nightmare Before Christmas is the creation of macabre creator Tim Burton. Burton initially created the story to serve as a poem before it evolved into a full-fledged world complete with a cast of ghastly characters. Burton was originally an animation intern with Disney before he was let go from the company for creating movies deemed “too scary for children.” One of those films is Frankenweenie, which has become a cult classic.

That same style of dark, gritty, stop-motion animation is what put Burton on the map and how he began to cultivate the idea for Halloween Town. Through his story and original character creations, Touchstone Pictures was tasked with producing what would become his biggest hit. Burton partnered with Michael McDowell to write the story, which was turned into a screenplay by Caroline Thompson.

Henry Selick was then given the honor of directing the film for Touchstone. What made this kind of a slick move for Disney is that the movie was not produced directly under Walt Disney Studios but by Touchstone, which was under Disney’s umbrella. We imagine that was for the House of Mouse not to take direct blame if it failed.

The Nightmare Before Christmas did not fail and has become one of the most important features in the Disney catalog. In it’s 30th year, there are now plans for a prequel.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Prequel Plans Revealed

jack and sally in the nightmare before christmas
Credit: Disney

Speaking to PEOPLE, the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick, revealed much about the idea that a sequel could ever be made. He initially shared Tim Burton’s opinion on the matter, which is not uncommon knowledge. According to Selick:

“It is perfect movie [that] came out of the perfect time, only to grow into something far bigger over the years. I think Tim [Burton] in particular feels like, why mess with that? He certainly doesn’t need to make more money from a sequel. He has had so many other successes, and so far nobody’s come up with a great idea for a sequel. And I still think that Tim gets to decide. I don’t think there’s any idea that would convince him.”

Despite Burton’s reservations about wanting to perfect a perfect movie, Selick has had plenty of ideas. He shared the biggest idea, which is what the prequel would comprise. Selick added:

“There might be a more interesting story there about how Jack became the King of Halloween Town.”

Jack Skellington has become a mainstay in Disney lore and arguably one of cinema’s greatest characters. He is a tortured soul with the world’s weight on his shoulders, the world being Halloween Town. Despite being the town’s fearless leader, he is thrust into melancholy for having to repeat his job for years. He then searches for what will complete him, realizing his life is complete.

To allow Jack’s previous life to be explored would be incredible. There could even be the reveal as to what killed Jack in the first place and what he had to do to become the leader of a town where werewolves, vampires, and oogie boogie reside. Wha

Though Danny Elfman scored the film, he did not handle the talking duties for Jack. That role was given to Chris Sarandon, who Selick also revealed would “absolutely” return for.

Selick also revealed to the publication if he would be on board to return for a sequel. Selick answered with, “F*** yeah. If there were a sequel, I’d be there in a minute.”

We are unsure if Burton would ever be on board to explore this world again; frankly, he does not have to. The Nightmare Before Christmas has taken on a life of its own, becoming a massive cult classic and important film. Disney has also embraced it by allowing the film its own holiday celebrations for Halloween and Christmas.

Jack Skellington (left) and Zero (right) from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' (1993)
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Fans can watch the film on Disney+ or catch it in theaters on October 20. We always watch it during Halloween, but now we can watch it and dream about seeing Jack become the Pumpkin King.

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