Severe Accident at Disneyland Resort Highlights Traffic Problem

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Disney California Adventure beore a storm hits

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A serious car accident outside of Disneyland Resort resulted in severe injuries.

Guests walking around the old Downtown Disney area inside of Disneyland Resort in California
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Accident at Disneyland in Anaheim

A Disneyland injury is a common occurrence, usually attributed to situations beyond control or a bad experience with a ride in the theme park. This particular car accident (resulting in injury) is different because it was, as far as reports show, an innocent bystander.

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Because of the position of Disneyland California Theme Park, it results in more significant amounts of traffic on roads that lead to places like Future City, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club. In most cases, a parking structure is designed to absorb the large number of guests. However, it doesn’t solve every issue.

Disney California Adventure entrance at night during Halloween time at Disneyland Resort with Oogie Boogie decorations announcing the Oogie Boogie Bash
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Disneyland California Becomes a Major Traffic Zone

Despite the shuttles, one of the most common ways to arrive at Disneyland California is by car. This means that there is fierce competition for parking and that having a bad ride isn’t the primary risk. The unfortunate pedestrian collision at Disneyland Resort proves it.

Taking place just before midnight, it hit Harbor Blvd right in front of Disneyland Resort. The First Responders were called and found the man alert and communicating, though still on the road. The driver involved in the situation stopped and worked together with law enforcement.

Crowds packed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park.
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How Traffic Impacts Disneyland Resort Visitors

Clearly, there were traffic lights at the intersection, but it shows what many have suggested: that Disneyland traffic is growing in California and causing problems.

Just outside of Disneyland Resort, a pedestrian was walking on the street adjacent to the north of the Los Angeles theme park. The car accident occurred when a driver struck the pedestrian at approximately midnight.

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It’s clear that the accident caused harm, but there is no word yet as to whether they were minor injuries or more significant. While not technically a Disneyland injury, it speaks to the issues surrounding the Disneyland park regarding parking and transportation.

This is especially true since it was in a reasonably well-lit area, and there is nothing to suggest extenuating circumstances thus far. What it does show is traffic issues.

holiday crowds
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The Walt Disney Company Theme Park Risk v. Reward

Whether in Los Angeles, California, or Florida, there is always a risk of a car accident (and that’s not exclusive to the Walt Disney Co. or the United States). When guests attend theme parks, it’s with the understanding that, except for extenuating circumstances, the visitor is responsible.

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This means there is a reasonable expectation of risk when going on a ride. It might not result in minor injuries, but surprise or discomfort is expected. Disneyland California has been involved in many lawsuits surrounding major and minor injuries on its rides and attractions. Yet this occurs within the park and doesn’t cover what lies outside.

Mickey Roadster Racers
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Traffic Outside of Disneyland

Due to the size of Disneyland and its drawing millions of interested tourists each year, it naturally causes more traffic. This doesn’t even include the average Disneyland employee who parks before work. There are many situations where traffic has caused outrage, often because the infrastructure can’t support the demands.

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It becomes a matter of risk versus reward. Heading to the Bay Area to hit up Universal Studios and Disneyland is bound to have excitement, but it does come with risk. The pedestrian accident outside the prominent United States contemporary resort shows that maintaining caution is necessary.

Have you ever been involved in a Disneyland California accident? Share your story below!

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