Rachel Zegler’s Next Movie Will Avoid Disastrous Error

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Rachel Zegler shocked in The Ballad of Snakes and Songbirds

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Rachel Zegler is gearing up for the next movie and the film won’t be making the same mistake twice as the director confirms what fans should expect before watching it next month.

Credit: Lionsgate

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Over the past month, Zegler’s career has faced a tremendous problem. After stating that the original tale of Snow White was “racist” and supporting the rumored changes to the Disney classic, fans are outraged. Zegler is starring as Snow White in the movie and due to the Actor’s strike hasn’t been able to finish filming, with some reports claiming that Disney might recast her.

Despite starring in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021)and other movies, Zegler’s career should be only going up, but Disney fans are obviously quite particular when it comes to changing classic stories. Live-action remakes haven’t been very popular amongst fans for some time, but the Walt Disney Company has no interest in stopping anytime soon despite several of the recent movies turning into box office disasters.

Rachel Zegler, The Hunger Games
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While Zegler might keep her role as Snow White in the Disney movie, her next role is set as one titular role in the Hunger Games prequel, Hunger Games: The Ballad of Snakes and Songbirds (2023) starring Viola Davis, Peter Dinklage and of course, Rachel Zegler. While the Hunger Games franchise is known for Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, Zegler is the new heroine for the movie with a wildly different approach than what fans might expect.

The director, Francis Lawrence, admitted that his initial mistakes with the Mockingjay movies led to him realizing just how disastrous their plans were and why it makes sense why fans were upset with the movies. Lawrence defended the decision to split the movie into two parts because it helped them tell more of Katniss’s story, and it was a very popular method with Harry Potter and Twilight making the same decisions, but it led to one part of the story not being as interesting and somewhat dull for fans.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen on a fiery background with wings in Hunger Games
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At the end of the day, Lawrence saw the fan reactions and understood why films with massive cliffhangers just aren’t as appealing anymore, and that’s why his next movie adapting another one of Suzanne Collin’s books won’t be two movies. It’s the most extended runtime for the Hunger Games franchise. He shares with Entertainment Weekly his realization of his mistake and vowing never to make the same mistake twice:

“I would never let them split the book in two. It’s a long book, but we got so much s— for splitting Mockingjay into two — from fans, from critics, from everybody — that I was like, ‘No way. I’ll just make a longer movie.'”

Rachel Zegler as Lucy Baird bowing with her arms wide
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Of course, this is great for Hunger Games fans, but that doesn’t mean that the prequel will be anywhere near as successful. Despite having some excellent actors, Rachel Zegler’s next movie will likely flop, which could lead her career into a series of box office disasters after working with Spielberg, which no actress wants to deal with.

Zegler’s popularity might be at a new low, but it will be interesting to see how her career continues because, at the moment, she is still a Disney princess. If things stay the same, fans will have to see a lot more of her as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is going to be nothing like the animated classic that fans grew up with.

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