Marvel Fans Enraged After ‘Spider-Man’ Sequel Ditches Essential Detail

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Spider-Man might be one of the biggest super heroes, but Marvel and Sony can’t seem to understand that messing up with the character’s backstory won’t be received well by fans.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales battling a giant Sandman in New York City
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Peter Parker is the most famous Spider-Man, but he isn’t the only one wearing the suit and slinging across Manhattan and other parts of New York City. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) revealed that just like how the Multiverse has several variants of characters, the Spider-Verse creates some crazy variants of Spider-Man, with all of them wanting to save their city. Miles Morales might be one of the newer web slingers, but his story has managed to grab a lot of fans to accept that more people can be Spider-Man.

For the MCU, Tom Holland might be Spider-Man, but the actor has admitted that he hopes to see another actor take the mantle before too long and that will definitely happen because Sony won’t let Spidey fade away after all of the success the super hero has had. It’s hard to know what to expect of Spider-Man in the MCU, but Sony has told several other stories with the web-slinger that have led to great successes. Recently, Sony has gone all in on telling stories across different mediums, such as animation with the Spider-Verse franchise and with Insomniac’s Spider-Man video games.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 video game cover
Credit: Insomniac Games

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Despite breaking records and having tremendous success, Sony’s latest Spider-Man game, “Spider-Man 2,” makes one egregious error that fans can’t ignore. Sometimes, mistakes happen, but this one is bizarre. For Miles Morales, the video games give the hero a cuban flag despite being Puerto Rican, making fans of the Spider-Man furious. The two flags are indeed very similar, but people are not happy seeing Sony fail to acknowledge Miles’s cultural heritage properly after creating two movies and a video game about the hero.

While Miles Morales is a newer super hero, it’s clear that his Puerto Rican roots are integral to his story, and it’s a shame that Insomniac and Sony made such a huge mistake. Fans online shared their own thoughts, stating that this “bug” should’ve been handled before the game launched:

This One   Miles Morales is a representative of the Afro-Puerto Rican community however a “bug/mistake” has replaced the Puerto Rican flag with the Cuban Flag across Miles’ House. It may seem minimal however it kind of reflects poor cultural identification of a main character.

HOW COULD YOU MESS THAT UP!!!? Miles Morales is Puerto Rican! Like I understand the similarities of the Cuban flag and the Puerto Rican flag, but you could have just looked it up!

I don’t know, I see a lot of people complaining about the bugs in the game, and how Insomniac f*cked up the Puerto Rican flag by using the Cuban flag instead. How can you f*ck the flag that bad after making Miles Morales?

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Spider-Man is still one of the most beloved super heroes, and while this change might not affect everyone, it’s still awful to think Sony and Insomniac could misrepresent Miles Morales’s culture in such a big way. A flag might appear as a small detail. Still, it’s something that Sony has gone all in on representing because it’s great to see a Spider-Man represent a community that doesn’t have a lot of super heroes. It’s not great seeing big stories like Spider-Man 2 fail at something so easy to represent.

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