YouTuber Pranks Take Over Disney, Guests No Longer Feel Safe

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Homeless youtube creator Vlog Creations at Disney

Credit: Vlog Creations

It seems that Disney is having a “homeless issue” at the theme park, and guests are taking notice.

Over the past few years, it is no surprise that Disney has become more expensive than ever. Now things are starting to backfire for Disney, and major discounts are being offered.

Not only do guests need to transport themselves to Walt Disney World Resort by plane or car, which has a large cost at times, but things only get worse from there. Disney Guests have an option to either stay at a Value Resort, being the cheapest, Moderate Resort, being in the middle, and a Deluxe Resort, which can cost guests nearly $1000 per night, depending on the Resort, for a standard-looking two-bed room.

Guests walking down Main Street, U.S.A. in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Lee (myfrozenlife), Flickr

Following that cost, Disney tickets have been increasing steadily over the years and, following the pandemic, spiked. Now, Disney World has moved to date-based ticket prices, which means that if you are looking to visit Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, your price will vary, which can be a major negative if you tend to visit during the busy season. Magic Kingdom ticket prices can go up to $189 per person, which means a family of four will easily pay $1000 for one day at Disney World after they eat.

Disney also just increased the price of their Annual Pass costs as well as their Magic Key Pass costs, as well as increases on Disney Genie+ and Memory Maker. Across the board, prices continue to increase, while behavior at the theme parks are seemingly getting worse.

We recently saw a Disneyland YouTuber get a lifetime ban from Disneyland after attempting to sneak into the park and trying to stay overnight.

When you are at Disney, of course, guests can enjoy all the attractions, watch the shows, meet their favourite characters, take photos in front of Cinderella Castle, and create the best memories! But, while doing so, guests must remember that they are on private property, and Disney has their own set of rules that guests must abide by.

Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World with crowds in front
Credit: Inside the Magic

Another guest has received a lifetime ban after sneaking into Disneyland Resort and attempting to stay overnight in one of the bathrooms. YouTuber Pete Z has been growing his following as of late by sneaking into different locations. Recently, Pete decided he would try to sneak into Disneyland, and filmed the whole thing. He used a safety vest and created a fake employee ID card, but in the end, he found a way to walk into a Cast Member entrance and walk directly into Disneyland Park.

Now, a popular live-streamer by the name of N3ON was recently in Walt Disney World Resort, and got banned at the Magic Kingdom.

The streamer was told that filming with professional equipment was not allowed. The streamer refused to leave as he noted that there are tons of others filming in the park, which caused higher management, security, and cops to come and escort them off the property. The streamer was very disrespectful to Disney management and accused the cops of pulling a gun on them in the Magic Kingdom when he tried to run away. At this point, the cameras were not pointed at the cops, so there was no official proof.

The trespass was live-streamed entirely, and there were 100,000 people watching the viral video.

The use of “commercial shooting, etc.” and shooting auxiliary equipment (excluding handy-sized grip attachments) is now completely prohibited. Although the phrasing is kind of vague, especially when it comes to the filming of YouTube or other content, some hope that it will at least cut down on the activity.

Magic Kingdom crowds aerial view at Disney World
Credit: bioreconstruct

It should be noted that many Disney fans rely on these videos, whether they are live streams or vlogs at the Disney parks, to get them through the Disney blues and to allow them to feel like they are still a part of the magic. These videos can help immerse fans who are not able to be at the parks at that moment and give them a feeling of being at Walt Disney World.

Regardless, it seems that it is the behavior of guests that is causing their trespass bans to be issues.

We have seen a large increase in negative guest behavior, with multiple first fights being reported. 

In the past, we’ve seen unruly guests ruin Disney for others, whether it be by causing a scene, freaking out at a cast member, or even getting naked. That’s right, we’ve seen multiple guests remove their clothes while visiting the Disney theme parks, going as far as to post a video of the incident online. None of these activities are encouraged or allowed by Disney, but guests still engage in them from time to time.

Crowds in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park
Credit: Inside the Magic

Just days ago, we reported a bloody brawl breaking out at Disneyland Resort.

According to the eyewitness, a fight broke out around Alice in Wonderland at 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Guests were screaming at each other, ultimately forcing a cast member to get involved. A guest reportedly left the scene with a bloody nose.

Eventually, the argument was settled. We do not know what started the fight between the guests.

Overall, it seems that guests are acting out more and more, more times than not, in an attempt to create viral content for social media. From dressing in revealing clothing to attempting to get turned away for an outfit to create a TikTok, to going against the rules and disrupting guests while they try to enjoy their day in the parks, Disney has had to step it up when it comes to controlling guest behavior as of late.

The latest social media stunt featured was by Vlog Creations, a popular YouTube channel with nearly 3.6 million subscribers. They created a video titled, “Homeless Man Begging in Disney World!” where one of the creators dressed as a “homeless” man and entered Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The YouTuber walked around without shoes, held a sign begging for money, and even approached guests asking for toe nail clippers after management warned the group to stay away from guests.

Credit: Inside the Magic

The creator also began sleeping on the floor, causing many families and kids to look back and worry about the guest. Management was called on the guests multiple times, and although we did not see the group receive a trespass, their constant chatter with guests, asking for cigarettes, and at one time, having kids even give the “homeless” man food is grounds for removal.

Overall, the guests may have thought they were making a funny video, but with its 3+ million views, the video encourages other creators to break the rules, and pull stunts which can affect the vacation of other guests who have saved up for months or years to visit Walt Disney World Resort. Although the guests were not trespassed to our knowledge, the video is public on YouTube, which is proof that they broke the rules, meaning they may still recieve a ban.

Below, you can watch the video.

We can even see management ask the guests for their park tickets.

For those looking to create content in the parks, we are seeing Disney remove guests who are breaking any of their rules on a higher frequency as of late, since Walt Disney World Resort is meant to be a family-friendly park with a high reputation.

Ignoring their rules and ruining the vacation of others may leave you with the inability ever to visit the Disney parks again.

What do you think about this homeless stunt? Would this bother you to see in the parks?

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