Disturbing Behavior of Disney Guests Revealed

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An aerial photo of Disney Springs with a circular photo frame of a Disney security guard to the right of the image.

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The behavior of Disney guests sets the tone for the Walt Disney World experience. Unfortunately, some bad habits are popping up at many Disney Parks, revealing an unfortunate trend that seriously impacts customer experience.

Guests experiencing Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Theme Park Decorum

According to reports, a concerning pattern of guest action and attitude at Disneyland Park attractions ranges from Los Angeles and Southern California to Florida and other Disney theme parks. The concern is simple: unnecessary littering and a lack of courtesy.

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Per the recordings, a new Disney fan trend exists where visitors leave behind a token or a coin to prove their presence. While it could be a type of kindness, it creates more trouble for Disney Cast Members and other guests who want to see the attraction at its best (not its most colorful).

Disney guest behavior leading to a serious littering problem
Credit: Theme Park News

Disney Theme Park Organization and Common Courtesy

With millions of guests at Disneyland theme parks worldwide, the idea is that things like Space Mountain and other iconic features are meant to be experienced with the magic Disney Theme Parks intended.

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Common courtesy is to throw away garbage in its proper place and to respect the magic that the Disney Store and the Disney Characters you interact with create. Instead, it looks like in efforts to be “cute by leaving behind a little something,” all guests are doing is “littering and hurting the show for other fans.”

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Walt Disney World Website Promotes Sustainability

Walt Disney World clearly focuses on kindness, inclusion, and sustainability. That requires the support of Disney World visitors because, without that courtesy, little can be done to keep the parks in good shape.

Though the idea of making a mark is terrific, Walt Disney World Resort and other Walt Disney Parks offer eco- and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

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The drone shows outweigh the energy efficiency of light shows, not being actively introduced. Animal Kingdom is a sanctuary for creatures and represents sustainable efforts. Its efforts towards a positive future rely on Cast Members and each Disney guest to facilitate long-term success.

Guests enjoying the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon
Credit: Disney

What Walt Disney World Guest Courtesy Can Do

Per the report, the idea is to “leave nothing but footprints.” Pictures are another great way of preserving memories of the Disney experience without overdoing it and risking damage to others. General courtesy goes a long way, and it’s within the power of every Disney guest to bring that spirit and magic to the parks.

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