Children Fall Out of Disney Ride as Mother Takes Selfies

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Teacups spin on the Mad Tea Party at Disneyland.

Credit: Disney

A Disneyland Park cast member acted quickly to save two children as they fell out of one of the Mad Tea Party teacups. According to a witness, their mother ignored the children as she took selfies and recorded the ride.

The Iconic Disneyland Teacups

Mad Tea Party is one of the most iconic Disneyland Park attractions, having been replicated in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Park (Paris), and Hong Kong Disneyland. This spinning Fantasyland favorite welcomes guests of all ages!

children riding mad tea party at disney world
Credit: Disney

“Pour yourself into an oversized teacup and spin through a whimsical party,” Disneyland Resort writes. “Celebrate your unbirthday with a wild whirl through Wonderland. Madcap music fills the air as you rotate below a canopy of colorful lanterns. Inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Walt Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland, this timeless attraction features the same resplendent colors and objects of disproportionate size. It’s an exuberant swirl-a-bration—and you’re the Guest of honor!”

“A wheel in the center of the teacup lets you control the direction and speed of your spin. If you decide you want a wild ride, simply turn the wheel fast and hold on. If you want a gentler ride, you may opt to not turn the wheel at all. Please be aware that although you can control the spinning, your teacup automatically tosses and turns on the platform deck.”

A Very Mad Tea Party

MAd Tea Party in the Magic Kingdom spinning
Credit: Kelly Verdeck, Flickr

Reddit user u/beeman1979 recently recalled witnessing two Mad Tea Party emergency stops as a mother took selfies instead of watching her children.

“Woman was on the teacups with two little kids (my guess is ages 2 and 5),” the guest wrote. “Cups were spinning and she’s taking selfies while her kids are d*mn near falling out. [Cast Member] stops the ride once and tells people to face forward while the ride is running.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t listen.

Guests climbing out of teacups on Mad Tea Party during an evacuation of the Magic Kingdom ride.
Credit: Inside the Magic

“Second time he stops it he walked over to her and told her to watch her kids or they will get hurt,” the guest continued. “She wasn’t phased at all, gave him the stink eye and pouted the final few minutes of the ride. People suck.”

Thankfully, neither child was injured.

Always watch your children on Disney Parks attractions. Report unsafe guest behavior to the nearest Disney cast member. They will efficiently handle difficult situations or page security if escalation is necessary.

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