Disney World Tones Down Theming Following Ride Issues

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Guest ride TRON at Shanghai Disneyland while Mickey Mouse looks on in shock

Credit: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr (background), Disney (Mickey Mouse)

Disney World is making some truly bewildering changes.

The Mickey and Walt statue in front of Cinderella's Castle inside Disney's Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

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While there are plenty of iconic theme park locations scattered around the world, ranging from Universal Studios to Six Flags and SeaWorld, none can truly compare to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Even the original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is no match for Magic Kingdom’s sheer size and amount of things to do. Over the years, Magic Kingdom has become the go-to image for Disney Parks, featuring some truly incredible rides, attractions, and magical experiences.

Here, guests will find rides like Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Peter Pan’s Flight, “it’s a small world,” and Haunted Mansion, just to name a few, most of which have become legendary in the theme park community.

However, there’s one extremely exciting addition to Magic Kingdom that we have to talk about.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run at night at Shanghai Disneyland, where a guest claims taking photos without his permission violates his privacy
Credit: Disney

TRON Lightcycle/Run is the newest ride to open at the Walt Disney World Resort, and it may be one of the most exciting additions to the Orlando resort in a long time. TRON Lightcycle/Run opened in February of 2023 after several long years of planning and construction, as well as multiple delays. The ride is a thrilling roller coaster that features a launch system similar to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

However, what makes this ride so unique, other than the theming, is the actual ride vehicle itself. Guests strap in a motorcycle-like ride vehicle, one that is similar to the one found on Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, truly making them feel like they’re actually riding a light cycle.

While short, TRON Lightcycle/Run is a thrilling adventure we recommend all guests try.

Flight of passage ride vehicles
Credit: Inside the Magic

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This roller coaster is not entirely new, however, with the first version opening in Shanghai Disneyland back in 2016. The ride was extremely popular there, making it a great option to bring to the States. This coaster can be found in Tomorrowland, right next to Space Mountain. Unfortunately, the ride has aged quite a bit since opening just a few short months ago.

Earlier this year, we reported on the ride’s cracking foundation, a sight that truly shocked us. The exterior of the attraction had weathered and aged as well long before it actually opened. The damage continues, with Disney removing certain aspects of the queue’s theming, presumably due to guest behavior.

This change was recently revealed by @WDWords, which you can see below:

Disney removes part of the theming in the queue for TRON Lightcycle/Run
Credit: @WDWords

As you can see, part of the queue’s hallway used to have blue lights running along it but has since been left dark and empty. We have no idea why Disney decided to make this change, but a possible reason is due to bad guest behavior. In the last few months, we’ve seen guests do some shocking things, which include damaging the lines of certain attractions.

We hope that Disney has something better in store for this specific area, as it now just looks like a cheap dark hallway, which does not match the level of theming throughout the rest of the experience. As we stated earlier, this roller coaster is less than eight months old, making this change rather worrying. Earlier this year, we also reported on parts of this attraction being held together by duct tape. We are not sure what exactly the problems are, but the way this new E-Ticket ride is being treated is rather concerning.

Do you enjoy TRON Lightcycle/Run? What’s your favorite ride at Magic Kingdom?

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