Disney+ Won’t Commit to ‘Goosebumps’ Season 2

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The new Disney+ adaptation of RL Stine’s long-running Goosebumps horror series has been a smashing success, but it seems that the streaming service is not sure whether it wants the series to continue.

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The first Goosebumps book, Welcome to Dead House, was released in 1992, with RL Stine saying he was inspired by the EC Comics Tales from the Crypt series. It was followed by more than 60 novellas in the next five years, which included young adult horror classics like Say Cheese and Die! and Night of the Living Dummy, eventually becoming the author’s signature series.

It also became a huge multimedia franchise, with an anthology Goosebumps television series produced in the 1990s alongside numerous branded video games, comic books, and the like. A feature film adaptation was released in 2015, starring Jack Black as a fictionalized RL Stine, with a sequel following in 2018.

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The latest iteration of the franchise was produced by Sony Pictures Television and streams on Disney+ and Hulu simultaneously, giving it a huge audience base. It has paid off so far, as the new Goosebumps series has been ranked in the top ten most-watched every week since it was released.

Goosebumps has already been critically acclaimed, with show producers Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller being praised for the darkly humorous tone of the show and for moving to a narrative-style season combining elements of numerous books rather than anthology episodes. It currently holds 77% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The cast of Goosebumps (Zack Morris, Isa Briones, Miles McKenna, Will Price, and Ana Yi Puig) sitting on a couch with black eyes
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The new series stars Zack Morris, Isa Briones, Miles McKenna, Will Price, and Ana Yi Puig as high school students who discover spooky objects in the basement of a home where a teen named Harold Biddle mysteriously died decades before. A new teacher (Justin Long) shows up in town, and, in true horror fashion, things get weird.

However, according to the series producers, the solid viewership numbers and critical praise are not leading to a season 2 renewal. According to Rob Letterman (per The Direct), “I mean, I wish it was up to us. I wish we could just greenlight everything we wanted. I wish that’s how it was…Everyone involved is really wishing for another season. And there’s a lot of story to tell. And we have a lot of hooks in there to tee up if we get lucky enough to do another season. So fingers crossed, you know.”

That’s not a great sign for a show that has a significant built-in fanbase and name recognition. For his part, Nicholas Stoller said, “The one thing I’ve learned in this industry is you just never know anything. You know you have to make the best thing possible and hope people respond. And so I mean, I loved making this. I love working with Rob. I love working with everyone on the show. And I really, really love Disney, and Sony is fantastic. But I really hope we get another season. This was really fun.”

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Reportedly, the producers have already begun sifting through the many Goosebumps books for ideas for a season 2, including The Girl Who Cried Monster.

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In the last few years, Disney+ has seemingly focused on Star Wars series, like The Mandalorian and Ahsoka, and Marvel shows, such as Secret Invasion, to the exclusion of all else. The streaming platform has even gone so far as to withdraw non-Lucasfilm and MCU original series from viewers, much to the ire of its stars.

All in all, it’s not looking great for Goosebumps. But hopefully, Letterman and Stoller will get an unexpectedly happy, if slightly ominous ending.

Should Goosebumps get a season 2? What’s your favorite book in the series? Tell us in the comments below!

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