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Slappy the Living Doll in the Disney+ Goosebumps show staring eerily

Credit: Disney+


  1. Keisha

    Yes, they should lot ppl watch show , it bring back memories for older generations who grow up watching it on tv.

  2. Alicia

    I feel like this is a fresh idea on an old show…. rather than the numerous live action remakes that tell the same exact story… sometimes (but actually not in this case cause viewership is up).. you need to give it more of a chance to gain traction with more seasons and see what happens.. that and the fact it is pulling in people who used to watch it as a kids for nostalgia and new younger viewers… this in the long run will make more money, and since thats usually all that’s important to the companies creating the shows.. they should definitely renew it!

  3. Goosebumps 90 Fan

    I actually didn’t like the show and felt like it was a mix of the same things we have been getting lately. Has the same basic plot from both Goosebumps movies where the main end goal was to have released Monsters/Horrors into the Universe instead of them already existing in it. Also just like Goosebumps 2 who basically turns people into Puppets this slappy (or should I say fake slappy since he was possessed instead of actually being alive through spells to be a living dummy) does the exact same thing in this series. Sorry but I hope we either start getting these Horrors/Monsters in the Universe without the need of Slappy then I don’t want to see it. Those who like it are able to like it but I will not being watching a season 2 if they bring back Kanduu or Slappy and if they continue to have the teen drama over the actual Goosebumps items.

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