Disney Raises Costs Indefinitely for All Guests, Multiple Disney Resorts Impacted

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As of October 14, numerous Disney Resorts have raised their prices on everything from daily tickets to parking costs for all guests, effective immediately. Here’s what you need to know before booking your next Disney vacation.

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Guests Outraged After Multiple Disney Resorts Increase Prices Across The Board

A few days ago, multiple Disney Resorts announced the increase of Disney items, including tickets and parking costs. The news comes as the country and the world seem to be healing from the global pandemic that caused an inflation crisis in 2021.

Numerous Disney officials have contacted the media about these price increases. However, guests all over the country are furious over the cost of traveling to their most magical places on Earth, which will now cost an arm and a leg, metaphorically speaking.

The rise in costs will affect families and even single individuals looking to book their next Disney Resort vacation. As mentioned above, the price changes have come into effect as of October 11, when the announcements came out about the parks increasing their prices on everything from tickets to parking spots on property.

But which Disney Resorts have increased their prices? And what exactly has increased this week? Keep reading along to find out all this and more.

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Which Disney Parks Have Raised Prices?

According to multiple official reports, including Inside The Magic, Walt Disney World Resort has immediately increased several items inside and outside the parks for all guests.

Annual Passes for guests by $40 to $50, depending on the pass, which guests are used to, but this comes as a second and possibly third price increase in less than a year. The most expensive Disney World pass now costs $1,449 per guest. Multiple-day passes to the parks, including EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, have also increased. For example, a two-day pass is now $310, up $25, and a five-day pass costs $480, up $65 per person.

Parking will also cost more for those guests driving down to the Resort and attempting to go from location to location, minus the onsite resorts. Parking prices have increased to $30 per vehicle, a $5 increase from normal. Food and beverages have also increased per individual for hundreds of items across numerous Disney Parks and locations.

The highest single-day admission increased by 8.4% from $179 to $194 for one park. Other price increases include Walt Disney World (WDW) annual passes, including the following:

  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: Increased by 10%, from $399 to $439 plus tax.
  • Disney Pirate Pass: Increased by 6.7%, from $749 to $799 plus tax.
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: Increased by 3.1%, from $969 to $999 plus tax.
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Disneyland Resort in California

Another Disney Resort that has raised its prices across the board for all guests is Disneyland Resort in California. A single-day admission into Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park is now up by $5 to $65 per person on select days for select parks.

The price for a single-day ticket on low-demand days remains $104, but the price for high-demand days increased to $194. The price for the Park Hopper option increased by $5 for multi-day tickets. The new ticket tiers are: 

  • $104, $119, $134, $154, $169, $184, $194
The previous range was $104-$179 for folks looking to visit Disneyland. The price increase was 9%, while parking fees have risen nearly 17%, and the cost of using the Disneyland Parks ride-jumping Genie+ service has increased by over 20%, according to multiple sources.

The cost structure for single-day visits at Disneyland and California Adventure has seen some adjustments. The most affordable single-day ticket for low-demand days remains unchanged at $104, maintaining its price since 2019. However, on high-demand days, the daily ticket price, previously at $179, has now increased to $194, representing an 8.4% price hike. Meanwhile, prices for other tiers have also experienced incremental increases ranging from 3.9% to 8.9%.

For those considering a two-day pass, the new price is $310, marking an 8.8% increase from the previous $285 rate. Prices for various multi-day passes are also set to increase.

Furthermore, Disneyland Resort is implementing price adjustments for its Genie+ program, providing expedited front-of-line access for visitors who purchase it. The pre-arrival price for Genie+ has been raised to $30, up from the previous rate of $25.

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Another Disney Resort Worth Mentioning

In November 2022, Disneyland Paris implemented price increases across its table-service restaurants, with adjustments ranging from 7% to 12%. For instance, previously priced at €42, buffets now cost €45, and the Greenwich Village Menu at the Manhattan Restaurant has risen from €49 to €55.

It’s important to note that Disneyland Paris regularly raises its theme park ticket prices annually. Here are the revised rates for 1-Day, 1-Park tickets:

  • 1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 0) – $104 (unchanged from the previous price)
  • 1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 1) – $119 (up from $114)
  • 1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 2) – $134 (up from $129)
  • 1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 3) – $154 (up from $144)
  • 1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 4) – $169 (up from $159)
  • 1-Day, 1-Park (Tier 5) – $184 (up from $169)

Other purchases at Disneyland Paris have also witnessed price increases, encompassing expenditures on food, theme park shuttles, Genie+, merchandise, and hotel stays.

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Guests React to the Price Increases to the Disney Resorts

Disney guests from around the country and world have poured into social media to let out their grievances on these Disney Resorts, raising their prices on most things making planning a Disney vacation much more expensive, especially for families.

park tickets prices for every Disney park globally for today because I was curious: MK and DHS: $154 (after tax: $164.01) EPCOT and DAK: j144 (after tax: $153.36) Disneyland & DCA: $184 DLRP: $124.96 SHDR: $65.05 HKDR: $91.91 TDR: $56.11

$1649 but this is the reservation calendar right now.

Disney California Adventure is NOT worth $194 especially with no musical show or parade. This park needs more dark rides to justify the price!

While at Tokyo Disneyland the expensive ticket is $73!!!

I remember in May 2012 Disneyland announced that then Premium Pass was going to increase in price from $499 to $649 just before the debut of Cars Land. 11 years later, that equivalent Premium Pass has increased by $1k, has blockout dates, and requires reservations.

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One guest even went as far as posting an X tweet, formally Twitter, showing a screenshot of Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioning in a Los Angeles Times piece from March 9 of this year that Iger admits Disney theme park pricing moves were “a little too aggressive,” which is a quote Iger mentioning how former Disney CEO Bob Chapek raised the cost for millions of Disney guests and fans worldwide throughout the pandemic and a little bit before Iger took over.

I wonder what happened

The price increases will affect everyone, including those reading this article and myself, which is devastating news for everyone as the price to visit Disneyland or Disney World is already expensive for many. But with enough time and proper budgeting, you should be able to make it to your dream Disney destination despite these recent price increases. Here’s how you can continue visiting your favorite magical places on Earth.

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Budgeting for Your Disney World or Disneyland Vacation

Budgeting for a Disneyland or Disney World vacation is crucial in ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience. Here’s a guide to help you effectively plan and manage your budget:

  • Establish a Clear Budget: Begin by determining the amount you are willing and able to spend on your Disney vacation. Consider all potential expenses, such as travel, accommodation, park tickets, meals, souvenirs, and additional costs.
  • Strategize Your Travel Dates: The timing of your visit can significantly influence your overall expenses. Off-peak periods often provide more favorable prices for accommodations and tickets. Being flexible with your travel dates can lead to cost savings.
  • Thoroughly Research and Compare Prices: Hunt for the best deals across various aspects, including flights, hotels, park tickets, and dining. Utilize websites, consult travel agencies, and explore Disney’s official site to uncover promotions and discounts.
  • Leverage a Travel Agent: Consider enlisting the services of a Disney-certified travel agent. They possess the expertise to help you secure deals, navigate promotions, and provide valuable insights.
  • Evaluate Accommodation Options: Explore diverse accommodation choices, including onsite Disney resorts, nearby hotels, and vacation rentals. Weigh factors like cost, convenience, and comfort.
  • Plan Your Food Budget: Meals can constitute a substantial portion of your expenses. Plan your dining to manage costs. Options include booking dining packages or bringing your snacks and water bottles.
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  • Allocate for Souvenirs: Determine a reasonable budget for souvenirs and stick to it. You might also consider purchasing Disney merchandise in advance or from discount stores.
  • Decide on Park Tickets: Assess whether you require Park Hopper tickets or if single-park tickets suffice. Park Hopper tickets offer flexibility but can be more expensive.
  • Consider Transportation: Seek the most cost-effective transportation methods to reach the parks. Compare flight options, evaluate the feasibility of driving, or explore alternative means of transport.
  • Exploit Discount Programs: If you qualify, take advantage of available discounts, such as military discounts, benefits for Annual Pass holders, or regional discounts for Florida or California residents.
  • Evaluate the Disney Dining Plan: Weigh the value of the Disney Dining Plan for your group. It can lead to cost savings, but a cost-benefit analysis is essential.
  • Initiate Savings Early: Initiate your Disney vacation plans well in advance and start saving accordingly. Consider creating a dedicated savings account for the trip.
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  • Build an Emergency Fund: Set aside a portion of your budget for unexpected expenses. Having a financial cushion can alleviate stress if unforeseen costs arise.
  • Monitor Your Spending: During your trip, record your expenditures to ensure you adhere to your budget.
  • Embrace Free Activities: Capitalize on complimentary activities and entertainment offered within the parks. Disney provides a range of shows, parades, and character meet-and-greets at no additional cost.
  • Secure Tickets in Advance: Purchase your park tickets ahead of time, as they often come at a lower cost online. This approach also helps you bypass lengthy lines at the entrance.
  • Opt for Off-Peak Visits: Schedule your visit during non-peak times when prices are more affordable and crowds are more manageable.
  • Maintain Flexibility: Be prepared to adapt your plans in response to changing circumstances or emerging promotions that may enhance your experience.

In summary, a well-structured budget is your key to enjoying the enchantment of Disney without financial worries. Planning and making informed choices allows you to embark on an affordable and memorable Disney vacation.

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The Cheapest Disney Resorts Right Now

As it stands, the most cost-effective Disney Resort is Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. Tokyo Disney Resort is a Disney theme park resort in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It was the first Disney theme park resort to open outside the United States. The resort opened on April 15, 1983, with a single theme park, Tokyo Disneyland. It expanded to include a second theme park, Tokyo DisneySea, five Disney hotels, six non-Disney hotels, and a shopping complex called Ikspiari.

The resort has two theme parks, five Disney hotels, several Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels, the Ikspiari shopping and dining complex, and a monorail line. Theme parks Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea. Right now, a one-day ticket to this Resort would cost $56.11, almost $110 less than Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

Another cheaper option for guests would be to visit Hong Kong Disney Resort (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort) in China. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is a theme park in Hong Kong that opened in 2005. The resort covers 1.3 square kilometers (320 acres) and includes: 

  • The Hong Kong Disneyland theme park
  • The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney’s Hollywood Hotel
  • Disney Explorers Lodge
  • Retail, dining, and entertainment facilities

A one-day visit to this park would cost you around $91.91.

Hong Kong Disneyland's park entrance
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Shanghai Disney Resort is another Disney Resort that will save you money. Shanghai Disney Resort is a themed resort in Pudong, Shanghai, China. It opened to the public on June 16, 2016. It’s the first Disneyland in mainland China. 

The resort is Walt Disney’s most prominent international resort, covering 963 acres. It’s more than triple the size of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the smallest resort at 310 acres. It’s also the second-largest theme park after Walt Disney World. The resort is based on the design of the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It blends authentic Disney touches with distinctly Chinese cultural elements. Some say the resort is spacious, and you never feel the crowd. The average cost per person right now to visit Shanghai Disney Resort would be $65.05, making this your second option if you want to save some money.

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