Disabled Disney Guest in Wheelchair Trampled, Climbed Over During Parade Show

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A person in a wheelchair inside a photo frame with Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom Park in the background.

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A Disney Resort guest was trampled and climbed over by another guest during a parade show.

A cast member is arrested by two police officers in front of the Cinderella castle inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.
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Disney Resort Incidents on the Rise?

Over the last year or so, it would seem that Disney Resort incidents have been on the rise as more and more individuals are stepping forward to tell their horror stories about the most magical places on earth. Some of those stories end well, while others just get glossed over.

Such incidents include a story where children were allegedly injured in a stampede caused by the famous Hollywood celebrity The Kardashians as guests rushed to get pictures and autographs from the famed family members. Thankfully, a good samaritan came to the rescue, saving the children from serious injuries.

Another story involves a bizarre scenario where a guest at Walt Disney World Resort was stopped and detained by Disney World security inside Disney Springs (formally Downtown Disney) for how the guest was dressed. The guest was attempting to locate a store to buy a charging cable but was stopped by security since they wore worn-down clothing from traveling all day.

Guests ride the Storybook Canal Boats (Le Pays des Contes de Fées) in Disneyland Paris
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A Disney Adult went on a verbal assault towards a single mother and her child while they were standing in line for a ride. The child was left unattended for only a few moments before the adult got run into by the child and yelled curse words at the mother.

In yet another ride in Disney World, a father allegedly went overboard with his behavior after discovering his son’s safety belt was not adequately secured in place, leading to the father having a public freakout in front of dozens of fans caught on film.

But these stories pale compared to a Disney guest who told their own story that will infuriate everyone and anyone who reads it.

Disney's Festival of Fantasys Parade at the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Brittany DiCologero

Disabled Disney Guest Reveals Shocking Truth

Please be advised that the narrative presented in this article is derived from an individual’s personal experience as a guest at Disney parks. It is essential to recognize that each guest encounter is distinct, and this article may not necessarily reflect the perspective or stance of Inside the Magic regarding Disney Park operations.

A disabled, wheelchair-bound Disney guest revealed a shocking truth that has appalled many and left others speechless. This individual disclosed that guests throughout the parks often ignore them and even disregard their personal space to get better views and angles for photos or videos.

Reddit user u/paintingcolour51 was inside a Disney Resort Park when they were viewing a parade show. The guest mentioned that guests often ignore their personal space to get better angles for photos and videos and “lean over” them to get better content during parades throughout the parks.

The Reddit user then discussed when another Disney guest became impatient with them and “climbed over” them as they could not wait any longer for a parade to pass. The woman in question then got angry after her coat got stuck on the wheelchair armrest and began to yell at the guest.

Disneyland Parade_feature image
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But this is not the first time a guest has climbed and trampled over them. At the same time, they were seated in their wheelchair during a parade or while visiting a Disney Resort like Disney World or Disneyland Resort in California.

The idea of someone going to that extreme and treating a disabled person with such disrespect is enough to anger anyone. Something like this should never occur and is an excellent reminder to folks out there to please be careful of disabled individuals inside the parks.

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