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A person in a wheelchair inside a photo frame with Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom Park in the background.

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  1. Royz

    This happens more than you know.
    Unforutately it is zealous Disney fanatics, Disney hogs, PinSharks, of Disney who mostly are to blame for behaviour that is disrespecrful to other guests.

    Over the years a lot of the problems occur from guests from the upper east coast of the United States and or international tour groups, who think they are, more entitled than others. With self endowed entitlement comes selfishness.

    Years ago, a story of a family from New Jersey just checked into Disneys Saratoga resort at WDW. They went to the room. The father of the family pounded the shared room door which was locked off, and made their entire family leave, slamming the front door because he was upset it was a lock off room.

    Rampant stories at Pop Century Resorts, Animatiin, All Stars, parents allowing their families, to be loud as as can be, but if you so much as spoke or flushed the toilet in your assigned room, the father would pound on your adjoining room wall.

    Again entitled people that have an intolerance to anyone else.

    Just because top dollars are paid does not give any one guest, from anywhere the right to infringe upon, disrespect other guests.

    So many reports of guests with these oversized electric scooters with the canopy on top. Granted some guests may legitimately need use of them, however a lot just use it as a way to bully others out of their way and gain priority access to shows and attractions.

    With the rise now of social media, we hear more about these incidents, but it has been going on for years.

    The mentality of this is Im entitled, Im going to se everything whenever I went regardless of how it is achieved, regardless of other guests.

    1. Jan K.

      I pray you never have a health issue that requires you to need a wheelchair! The canopy on the chair is a plus for those having to rent chairs as the park is a large area for someone with medical issues (Most are not visible to the public). In most cases wheelchairs are used for assistance for those not able to walk the large area of the parks. Personally, I have arthritis, asthma, diabetes and back issues. (None of which you can visibly see with the naked eye). I can’t handle walking in from the parking lots handicapped area without stopping at least two if not three times. At home I can handle the short distances needed to walk but I have the same right to visit a park that you do! Not everyone in a wheelchair is out to gain access unneeded to something as you seem to think. I’m not entitled to extras I am entitled to the same as you.

  2. Rob

    Too often it’s usually the wheelchairs and baby strollers that are pushed into guest.

    1. Jan K.

      In many cases it is the abled cutting off the wheelchairs or stopping without a notice. The chairs Disney own are so slow that I had a 2-year-old walking faster than the chair I was in! It takes double the time to get anywhere using one of their chairs!

  3. Charlene Malek

    I’m handicapped and one year at Disneyworld we got in the designated wheel chair area early to get a nice view. We’ll by the time the parade started I had tons of parents pushing their kids in front of my chair. By the time the parade started I was no longer able to see it as the parents then bullgarded their way to be with the kids they sent to the front at the rope. So being in a wheelchair you are lower to the ground and trying to see over standing adults was impossible making my first Disney parade experience a big flop because of rudeness by adults who should know better.

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