Disney World Guest Detained, ‘Treated Like Criminal’ After Bizarre Incident

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A Disney World guest was wrongfully detained after their questionable appearance drew concerns from Disney security.

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Disney World Guest Detained

Not every day you hear a story about a Disney World guest getting wrongfully detained by Disney security just because of their appearance. This unfortunate situation happened to a Disney guest who shared their story on the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit page. The report came from a post from a few days ago in a chat about the best and worst memories from a Disney World vacation.

Please be advised that the narrative presented in this article is derived from an individual’s personal experience as a guest at Disney parks. It is essential to recognize that each guest encounter is distinct, and this article may not necessarily reflect the perspective or stance of Inside the Magic regarding Disney Park operations.

A Reddit user named gnuoyedonig posted a story about allegedly being detained by Disney security because of their appearance. The guest mentions how they visited Walt Disney World (WDW) and arrived on an overnight flight with very little sleep. The guest checked into the Walt Disney World Swan Resort hotel. They mention how they forgot the charger for their phone and would need to visit the then Downtown Disney, now called Disney Springs, to visit a mobile store for a charging cable.

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The guest took transportation to Disney Springs but was dressed in what they described as “nice but rumpled clothing” they had worn on the flight but did not have the time to change into anything more proper for Disney World. The guest mentioned how they knew they looked odd by not wearing tourist-type clothing.

But they continued to make their way to the then Virgin Mobile store located inside of Disney Springs when it was called Downtown Disney. As they attempted to make their way to the store, they were stared down by a security member. Just before they could enter the store, another Disney security member came “barreling around the corner” in a golf cart and pulled alongside the guest.

At this moment the security guard began to ask the guest questions like where they were from and what the guest was doing. Eventually, the security guard “demanded” that the guest show some identification. The guest told Disney security they were local, but this was not enough for the security officer, who detained the guest for over 30 minutes.

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After some time, the guest was released by Disney security but was very upset about the entire situation that ruined their Disney “fantasy.” The guest did allege that they later became a Disney Imagineer but still lost that magic because of this terrible and unfortunate experience they endured.

Despite this awful and unfortunate story, Walt Disney World Resort is still the most magical place on earth. Each Disney World park offers something fresh and different for guests of all ages. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios provide a unique Disney experience. From Toy Story Land to Space Mountain, there’s something for everyone at Disney World. Stay at a Disney Resort and use your Walt Disney World tickets throughout your stay to visit your favorite places, like the Cinderella Castle, Main Street, U.S.A., a water park, Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind, and more.

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