Disney Deaths Change Views on Theme Park Safety

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The thrill of risk is part of what makes a theme park magical, but new attention on Disney deaths is causing guests to view safety in a different light.

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“Gruesome” Accident at Walt Disney World

There have been many incidences of injuries and accidents at Disney theme parks, both in the United States and overseas. Some are more serious than others. As the number of claims against the Walt Disney Company grows, so does the awareness of fatal incidents in these parks.

A recent video shared by Infamous Accidents garnered the attention of thousands, focusing on serious incidents at Walt Disney World in Florida. This was not a minor injury; it was about Disney deaths that caused concern over the well-being of guests.

After it was proven that Disney violated children’s rights, attention returned to Lane Graves, the child who died in an animal attack on the Skyway Platform.

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Disney Deaths Not as Common as Injuries

Another incident occurring at a Disney park involved the death of a beloved cast member of Walt Disney World. This took place during a parade. The report said he “brought dreams to life for families worldwide.” The video isn’t representative of all the Disney deaths (whether from primary or secondary causes).

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Injuries and Lawsuits a Common Disney World Issue

Disney World hosts millions of people annually; despite rigorous safety measures, there are risks of real Disney deaths. These tragedies call attention to the safety issues that permeate the contemporary resort.

There are ample safety concerns in Disney theme parks, from stroller bans to issues with the monorails, concerns with the Haunted Mansion, and issues related to a minor injury or small-scale incident.

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Risks of Attending Theme Parks

While most commenters sent wishes for the victims of the Disney deaths to “rest in peace,” there is a general acceptance of the safety measures and disclaimers in practice. Whether the incidents are Walt Disney World or Disneyland deaths, the company has measures in place to protect itself.

In California, in addition to the safety notices standard for every theme park ride or attraction, there is also a prevalence of Proposition 65 warnings. These serve to avoid liability for the Walt Disney Company by acknowledging the risk and getting visitors to consent to it.

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Visitor Beware Theme Park Experience

Though many choose to litigate, whether a result of wrongful death or a minor injury, the statistics show that 58 million visitors attend Walt Disney World every year. 72 injuries occurred between 2016 and 2020. In effect, this is 0.000005% of attendees who suffer an injury or illness at the hands of Walt Disney World.

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