Daniel Radcliffe Addresses Marvel Casting Rumors With Lie Detector

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It has been a few months since Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been attached to the role of Wolverine. Though he addressed those rumors before, he has now been strapped to a lie detector machine to reveal once and for all if he will be cast as Wolverine for Marvel.

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It is not out of the realm of possibility that Radcliffe could appear as Wolverine, which is what many believe to be true for Deadpool 3. The upcoming MCU entry is said to bring in actors of all kinds to appear in cameos for the film, and Radcliffe has been one of the biggest stars attached to the recent rumors.

To make matters worse for the actor, he recently appeared in his underwear in a scene for the series he is on, Miracle Workers. Daniel Radcliffe is shown running around like a maniac during the scene, though he is pretty fit. Fans immediately took to social media to exclaim that his impressive physique was likely due to his being cast as Wolverine in the MCU.

Despite Radcliffe consistently and constantly telling fans that he has not been cast as Wolverine, the rumors of his involvement will not go away. Though it might be a bit extreme, he was recently hooked up to a lie detector test to reveal once and for all if he will be involved with the MCU.

Daniel Radcliffe Clarifies Wolverine Rumors

While speaking to Vanity Fair with fellow actors Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, Daniel Radcliffe was strapped to a lie detector test and asked many questions. Some of those questions were as mild as, “Do you think you are a New Yorker after living in the city for ten years?” But Groff and Mendez immediately jumped into the Wolverine rumors.

Mendez asked Radcliffe, “Did you start the Wolverine rumor?” Radcliffe immediately says, “No.” Mendez then follows up about the actor’s physique, asking, “So, you got buff for no reason?”

Daniel Radcliffe immediately explains his physique and addresses the deep-seated rumors that he will be Wolverine in the MCU. According to Radcliffe:

“Yes. I got buff because I am obsessive, and I want to… You’ve seen my parents, they’re like insane fitness people. So that’s just been passed on. But no. No Wolverine. Flattered, but no.”

Though many Marvel fans, including us, wish that Radcliffe was involved in the MCU—he has finally given a bit of totality to those rumors. That is not to say that whenever the above interview was filmed compared to when Deadpool 3 releases, he couldn’t be added, but it sounds like he is not involved with anything to do with the Wolverine character.

Hugh Jackman did return to the role and is said to remain so for the foreseeable future. That does not mean that Daniel Radcliffe couldn’t appear in a cameo per the magic of the Multiverse, but a lie detector is quite definitive.

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Radcliffe would certainly be a welcomed addition to the MCU if he were added as Wolverine or any manner of characters. Hopefully, he can make his superhero debut in the future, though it appears that he will not be appearing in Deadpool 3.

What do you think of Daniel Radcliffe taking a lie detector test to deny Marvel casting rumors? Do you believe him? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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