Bruce Willis Can No Longer Communicate, Releasing Final Project

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It has been some time since the family of Bruce Willis announced that he was diagnosed with some sort of dementia. This resulted in the man stepping away from acting. His condition was upgraded to frontotemporal dementia, leaving him all but “uncommunicative,” though he could secure one final project.

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There might be no one more of a movie star than Willis through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. His breakout hit was in 1988 when the man starred in a film that has led to plenty of debate for over 30 years. Die Hard, which most argue is a Christmas movie, and others say it is not. His starring venture as John McClane shot him into superstardom, leading to Look Who’s Talking (1989), The Last Boy Scout (1991), Die Hard sequels, Pulp Fiction (1994), The Fifth Element (1997), and so much more.

Bruce Willis dominated the movie scene for decades, though things began to go awry in the mid-2010s. Many people were confused about the quality of films Willis produced, like straight-to-DVD releases like Precious Cargo (2016), 10 Minutes Gone (2019), and Out of Death (2021).

Though it seemed as though Willis had lost favor in Hollywood, something far worse was happening behind the scenes. Willis was beginning to take whatever roles he could, likely because he knew something was happening medically. It had been reported that he wanted to ensure his family was cared for, so he jumped at every role he was given.

It all made sense as his family shared his diagnosis with the world. This form of dementia he was diagnosed with would eventually worsen, making him unable to communicate, which has reportedly happened.

Bruce Willis to Release ‘Moonlighting’

bruce wilis in moonlighting
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Another important starring feature is the series Moonlighting, which helped to catapult the career of Bruce Willis from 1985 to 1989. Willis starred as David Addison Jr. alongside Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes. The private investigators were part of a drama-comedy (dramedy) that helped shape the genre.

Though the important series had not found a streaming home, Willis worked with creator Glenn Gordon Caron to ensure it could land on Hulu. Caron updated the condition of Willis, which is quite harrowing. According to Caron:

“The process [to get Moonlighting on streaming] has taken quite a while and Bruce’s disease is a progressive disease, so I was able to communicate with him, before the disease rendered him as incommunicative as he is now, about hoping to get the show back in front of people. I know he’s really happy that the show is going to be available for people, even though he can’t tell me that. When I got to spend time with him, we talked about it and I know he’s excited.”

It’s fantastic that Bruce Willis could communicate with Caron enough to allow the important series to land on a streaming home. His legacy will remain intact for decades, and this show is just as important as his starring features.

Caron added more about Willis and how the dementia has affected him:

“The joie de vivre is gone. I have tried very hard to stay in his life. The thing that makes [his disease] so mind-blowing is [that] if you’ve ever spent time with Bruce Willis, there is no one who had any more joie de vivre than he. He loved life and … just adored waking up every morning and trying to live life to its fullest. So the idea that he now sees life through a screen door, if you will, makes very little sense.”

Sadly, Bruce Willis can no longer communicate and has to look at life through a “screen door.” However, he was aware enough to ensure that one of his most important life works would be available for everyone. Willis has had an illustrious career; his legacy will live through those offerings.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard
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Moonlighting is now available to stream on Hulu and is an essential piece of the long-standing career of Bruce Willis.

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