Former Disney Channel Star Denies Arrest Allegations

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Child stars have been scrutinized for years, especially those that starred on Disney or Nickelodeon in the early to mid-2000s.

Stars like Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Miley Cyrus were all heavily criticized for their actions as they got older and strayed away from the control that the studios had over them. Most of them made claims of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, long working days, and other misconduct. Recently, Cyrus spoke up about her time as a child and teen star and the wild period that she went through once she left Hannah Montana behind.

Hannah Montana co-stars all together, Miley Cyrus and Mitchell Musso
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The Disney channel star and singer recently created a series on TikTok promoting her latest single, in which she recounts the traumatic experiences she had while filming the hit show. She explains that her “wild stage” of heavy cannabis use and “sexualized” dancing was a way for her to try and regain some of her own independence. Now, another Hannah Montana star is in the spotlight, this time for alleged public intoxication and stealing.

Mitchell Musso starred as Oliver Oken on Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011. He would later go on to star in Disney XD’s original series, Pair of Kings, as well as a variety of guest appearances on other Disney shows. His brother, Mason Musso, was in the band MetroStation with Miley’s brother, Trace Cyrus.

emily osment as lilly and miley cyrus as miley in hannah montana
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Recently, Mitchell Musso was arrested for alleged public intoxication and stealing. He was in Texas with a group of friends and had reportedly entered a hotel, “appearing intoxicated” and grabbed a bag of chips without paying for them. Unfortunately for Musso, he was arrested and a background check revealed that he had several outstanding traffic warrants, so he was charged for those as well.

His record included an expired registration, failure to display a driver’s license, and violating a promise to appear. He spent a night in jail before posting a $1000 bond. However, Musso later denied the charges, stating he wasn’t drunk and he didn’t steal anything.

emily osment as lilly and miley cyrus as miley in hannah montana
Credit: Disney Channel

In fact, Musso blamed the hotel employee, claiming he seemed “extremely disgruntled” and refused service to the star from the get go. According to him, the employee called the police, resulting in dozens of cop cars showed up and surrounding him, explaining that he was scared of what would happen if he didn’t comply. The previous traffic violations were apparently sent to an old address and never actually got to Musso, resulting in the eventual warrant.

The matter has now been resolved, including Musso’s previous violations. Musso has been pretty quiet in the media lately, but is working on an upcoming album as well as reportedly joining the cast of an “incredible” film.

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